Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Boyz, A Pillow & A Queen

This week is going to be filled with an extraveganza of Theater!

The Boyfriend and I are now 2-year subscribers to the Broadway in Chicago Series (I know I'm such a name dropper aren't I) Surprisingly, tickets aren't as expensive as you would think.

Tonight we're going to see Altar Boyz - I hope it's better than the CD. I've listened to it a few times but it just hasn't "grabbed me" if you know what I mean. I felt the same way about The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee before I saw the actual show - after that I fell in heavy "like" with it.

Saturday we're going to The Steppenwolf to see The Pillowman. The Boyfriend got these tickets last week, I've never even heard of this show. I've been to Steppenwolf several times, and they have wonderful productions so that's something to look forward to. **Update** Since, we're traveling back to PA this weekend, we're going to postpone this - the lovely folks at Steppenwolf were nice enough to give us a voucher to see it on another day.

Finally, next week we're going to see The Pirate Queen from the team that brought you Miss Saigon and Les Miz as well as the team that brought you Riverdance! It's actually the "world premier" of this show, so we've been a little excited about it, but there's not really been any "news" about it. We haven't seen any reviews yet, I haven't heard any of the music, I don't know what the plot/storyline is...so it shall be interesting. I just hope it's not a bunch of people dancing around on a revolving stage while their feet look like they're barely attached at the ankle during the whole time a giant pirate ship is descending from the ceiling - I mean come on that's been done before folks.

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Anonymous said...

How was Altar Boyz? We're going tomorrow night. Saw Pirate Queen this weekend and found it...underwhelming.