Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Goodbye Grey Slacks

Goodbye Grey Slacks, I can't believe you're leaving me.

You've worn me well through the years. You came to me in 2002 from the Burlington Coat Factory. I was looking for a "costume" for my 15 year High School reunion, when I saw you for the first time you jumped out of the clothes rack at me. You made me look so nice that evening, along with a blue houndstooth short sleved shirt and a rust sports jacket, my Mother said I looked so handsome that night, all because of you.

You made me look great that night in front of the 25 people who showed up for the reunion - hey we only had 48 kids in our graduating class so a 50% turnout was wonderful. You did a great job during the whole "coming out" incident which was started by the class Lesbian, and even though I had you scotch guarded in case anyone threw cocktails at us (the highest point of Alcohol Abuse if you ask me) you never needed it!

After the party you did a great job of matching up with many many other pieces from my closet, very rarely, if ever, did you complain about what I tried to match you with. You were the perfect shade, you matched everything from black to brown, stripes to paisleys and patterns to solids.

I remember all those times you came home from the cleaners, you looked so wonderful, so young and crisp and a beautiful crease down your front and perfectly hemmed cuffs - you were the definition of stylish. You were always the first pair of slacks I grabbed - regardless of what the other pants told you.

Alas, your button came off this morning when I went to put you on, I know it wasn't your fault - it was mine. If only I had visited the Buffet one less time perhaps you may have not exploded like you did. But like I learned from my Mother - "When a button comes off, it goes in the trash" And we all know that Mother Knows Best!

So this is goodbye, I'll miss you Grey Slacks!


Karen said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ..... I thought you were gay. Can't you or one of your friends sew the button back on?

ads510 said...

sew it back on!!! if you have a pair of pants that you love and that go with everything, you MUST keep them.

Rob7534 said...

Surely you know a costume designer who can "let it out" for you! :)

And before you throw this magic pair of slacks away, take a pic, because anything that matches perfectly with black, brown, stripes, paisleys, patterns and solids is a freak of nature!

Let us see!