Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Pirate Queen - A Review

Well, I guess my first post was a little harsh. I mean we really did walk out before intermission, neither one of us have ever done that before. I never even walked out of a movie!

The show wasn't all bad, I mean did you see Les Miz? Did you see Miss Saigon? Did you see Riverdance? Well if you did, then you saw The Pirate Queen.

The opening number, honest to god, was the opening number of Les Miz only the guys were carrying oars, we were quickly flown to Viet Nam for a touching love song and then whisked back to Ireland for a rousing Irish Dance routine.

Stephanie Block (who was Elphaba in the first touring version of Wicked) has an amazing voice. The costumes were pretty amazing (although the English women looked like they were wearing tables) and the dancing and cheography was well executed.

It was just that the show as a whole - made no sense. The backstory that I read online made more sense than anything that happened on the stage. The show couldn't figure out if it wanted to be a love ballady show or a dance show or a belt out the song kinda show. There seemed to be no transitions between the numbers they just ran one into the other, the only thing changing was the set and the lighting.

Honestly, I was bored about 20 minutes into the show and shut my eyes for a few minutes.....we were almost to intermission when The Boyfriend said "I've had enough" I told him there were only two more songs before intermission, could we wait? Well, when that next to last song started, I had had enough we grabbed our coats and walked out.

As we were walking out we recreated the beginning of "Death Becomes" her when the people are walking out of the broadway was funny!

Oh yeah, we should have known something was up when the souveniors were cheap cheap cheap. This year I decided that I was going to get a magnet from every show we saw, typically they're around $5 and pretty nice....the ones at the Pirate Queen were two dollars and looked like someone printed them out on the HP printer in the box office.

Sorry if I seem mean, but I just didn't like this show at all.

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xmichra said...

hmm.. seems like a pretty sloppy preformance. Hopefully your next show will be 100% better.