Tuesday, November 07, 2006

48 Hours

Only 48 hours until we're leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....hmmm...hmmmm I can't remember the words....but anyway I'm so excited, because we're leaving for vacation on Thursday evening!

In April, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary, and as a surprise The Boyfriend arranged a travel weekend to NYC.

The last time I was in NYC was 2002 with my friend Sam, but we spent most of our time in Jersey City as we were there to help a friend of his celebrate his big 4-0 Birthday. The last time I was in NYC and actually spent some time there was way back in the 80's, I think 1989 was the last time I was there.

I grew up in NE PA, near where the Little League World Series is held every year, we were close enough to NY (2.5 hours) yet still light years away.

We've got a few things planned:

There's only a few "touristy" things we want to do. I've been to NY several times and The Boyfriend lived there for a year or so. So those things we want to do is go to the Brooklyn Museum and see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit and I think the Guggenheim.

We're also going to see a bunch of shows (we're queens of course we're going to see Broadway shows). We're going to see the new revival of A Chorus Line, we're then going to see the new revival of Company, what's with all this "revival stuff"? Don't worry we're going to see something new too, a new play - Mimi Le Duck, we know nothing about this show other than it's co-starring Eartha Kitt so that was bait enough for us to go.

We're also going to meet up with a long lost cousin of mine, we're putting the final touches on those plans now - it's gonna be a blast to see her again (actually for the first time because we were both young children the last time we saw each other) I hope she can pick me out of a crowd.

Keep your TV's tuned to NBC's Today Show on Friday morning.....we're staying only a few blocks away from Rockefeller Center and I have a blank piece of cardboard that I may take with me.

Anyone want anything from New York?


Toño said...

Hallo young man I wish you both a great time in NYC. Gomad and me will celebrating our 2. anniversary on this december.

I know Eartha Kitt, once she was here in Zürich at the Opera and she gave a great performance.

I have never been to NYC, so you see we have lots of plans...

Andi said...

I think your sign should either have a very obvious spelling mistake or should identify your blog......

Either way, I hope you have an excellent time. I LOVE NY and that is such a cliche thing to say.....

George and I were on Fox News waving in the window and we called the kids to tell them and we asked Dan if he could see us waving and the lunatic waved back at us!

Have a fab time!

gomad.ch said...

I'm so jealous, although I have some mixed memories regarding NY. I've lost 20 pounds after I was there the last time (in the 90es). All the clothes I bought went to Africa or so...