Monday, November 06, 2006

Big Searches - Poo on Flushed Away

Do you have a site meter? If you don't you really should invest in a free one - I use it's great and it's free.

One of the fun things is that you get to see what keywords people used to find you.

The big winner over the last week has been an iteration of:

"is that poo in Flushed Away"

Apparently my asking that question HERE is the same question other people are asking!

Hey I'm number 5 at Yahoo when you search for Flushed Away Poo.

Oh yeah, even if you have a site meter you still need to register with the Search Engines so they crawl your site.

So what are you doing to draw traffic?

1 comment:

xmichra said...

not a darn thing. That may be evil and vile in the land of blog... but i rather like the traffic i have.