Friday, November 17, 2006

I started applause

Saturday we went to see the new production of Company as staged by John Doyle - it was so amazing that I can't remember the opening number.

The great thing about this production is that the cast IS the orchestra, no they're not in the pit in front of the stage, all of the actors are on stage for the entire production, playing instruments. Playing instruments while they're acting, playing instruments while they're in scenes, playing instruments while they're singing, playing instruments while they're "off stage" which is really onstage. It was a totally brilliant production, brilliant!

We knew the "gimmick" before we went because John Doyle last year staged a new version of Sweeney Todd with the same idea, the actors as the orchestra, it was pulled off flawlessly.

We were totally enjoying the show, the music, the actors, the lines it was funny it was sad. Before the end of Act One there's a song called "Getting Married Today" about Amy who is afraid of getting married of making that commitment, at one point she's arguing with her fiance giving all the reasons why she shouldn't get married when she says I'm too old, at which point her fiance says but you're only 27 (or something like that) and she returns with "Oh so I'm a golden oldie." There were a few snickers, but for some reason I just thought that was the most brilliant line ever (because it was) and I decided to clap for her because it was delivered perfectly, I was the only one clapping and then suddenly there was a quick round of applause from about half of the audience - I guess they liked it too.....

But the great thing was - I started applause - I'd never done that before!

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog! I'm dying to see Company... followed by a lil' Grey Gardens!