Thursday, November 23, 2006

In The Express Lane

I live TOO close to the Grocery store....I'm there all the time. It's so close that I've often stopped in for just a single slice of roast beef. It's too close.

I got home from work early, yeah for having a cool boss, did a few things around the house and said "oh you know, when I was at the Dominick's yesterday, I forgot to get Drano for the kitchen sink....let's go for a walk.

So I have a smoke and out the door.

It's a five minute walk, it truly is dangerous, but the good thing is I only get what I can carry big shopping trips, which means that I always get to go through the Express Lane.

I find it very interesting the "combination" of things people buy when they're in the express lane.

For example, the lady in front of me had:
Frozen Turkey (the key word is FROZEN)
Kotex Tampons
Kotex Maxi Pads
Chewing Gum

She's gonna have a great Thanksgiving, ain't she?

The guy behind me had:
A case of Bottle Beer
A fifth of Skky Raspberry Vodka
Coffee Filters
Coffee Creamer
Dishwashing detergent

I think he was planning on going home, getting wasted on the booze, sobering up with the coffee and then eating the garlic and the onions so that his family wouldn't want to talk with him. I figured the dishwasing detergent was probably because he always ended up washing the dishes!

I had:
Water crackers
Irish Cheddar Cheese
Vermont & Butter Goat Cheese
Piquant Peppers from the Olive Bar

I'm sure the guy behind me was wondering what the Drano was for...especially with all of that cheese!

Here's hoping that you and yours have a wonderful, safe, happy and eventful Thanksgiving Day.

If you're not in the US, Happy Thursday!


xmichra said...

lol.. .well. I know i am going to get things thrown at me.. but with such a unique pallet of things you had, i would have been awful and thought you were gay. Or sucking up to the wife. heh.

Michael said...

XM - Am I that obvious? : -) LOL!

xmichra said...

it;s not so much obvious.. as men who are insecure will buy like.. spam and :) you are just more refined :)