Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In a New York State of Mind

Well we've been home for two and a half days and I'm just getting recovering from our trip to the Big Apple.

The Boyfriend surprised me for our Anniversary by getting us plane tickets to New York City.

NYC has a big history with both of us, me-because I grew up in NE PA and that really was the "big city" so close but yet so far. When I was in High School we would grab a charter bus in Wilkes-Barre and go into "The City" for the day. For The Boyfriend, because he actually lived there! Yeah, he lived in Brooklyn, how cool is that? I bet you didn't know that did you?

We'd been planning this trip since May so that gave us plenty of time to get all excited about it. We knew the one thing we wanted to do was go to a show or two and enjoy the city.

Well the 6 months of planning worked out well for us....back in June we had heard that A Chorus Line was doing a revival...well The Boyfriend is a dance fanatic and we decided that would be our first I jumped on Telecharge and got tickets, Friday night performance, Balcony Seats, Fifth Row on the Aisle - primo seats.

Then my long lost cuz emailed me and we made plans to meet up, shortly after that we heard that there was a new revival of the Steven Sondheim play Company. The Boyfriend adores Sondheim and I knew several of his shows but neither of us had really "heard" that much about Company. The big thing about this show is it's directed by John Doyle who last year launced a new version of Sweeney Todd - that clinched it, our second show!

While we were flying this summer the Airline Magazine had an article about the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum - another check on the list.

Two short weeks before we left I read THIS post from JoeMyGod, could it be true, Eartha Kitt had made a return to the stage? I called The Boyfriend, only as a courtesy, to tell him that I had "found" another show to go see, as soon as I purred Eartha's name, he was hooked.

The only thing left to do was pack........and wait........

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