Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Isn't 2 years old a little old

To be breast fed? This woman was breastfeeding her 22 month old child on an airplane and was asked to cover up, she declined and was then asked to remove herself from the airplane.

Now I'm all for a mothers right to breastfeed where she wants and when....but isn't a two year old child a little old to be breastfeeding?

I don't have children, and I'll never had children, but by the time kids are two aren't they sorta eating solid food? Come on parents, help me this normal or creepy?


Ms Mac said...

In my opinion, it's too old. In my opinion, if a two year old is still breast feeding then it should only be a night time feed. In my opinion, a mother still feeding a two year old through the day is doing it more for herself than for her child.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ms mac 100%. But, I also think that it's not my business to judge them. I nursed both my kids for their entire first 12 months, and I got so sick of relatives, friends, and total strangers asking me how much longer was I going to do it?, aren't they too old for that?(as babies, seriously), aren't you sick of doing it? I mean, what did they care what I did, especially when it had to do with feeding my babies??

On the flipside, I once went to a La Leche League (otherwise known as the breast nazis) meeting when my oldest was a baby. They were so one-sided, calling women who chose not to breastfeed "Artificial Feeders", and talked as if these women were poisoning their babies with formula. All this while they were dangling 5 year olds from their well-worn and saggy boobs. I guess that sounded a tad judgmental, huh? Sorry! :)