Friday, November 17, 2006

A Pashmina for Everyone

Apparently Pasmina's are in high demand by the people of New York City. I swear that on every street corner, next to the guy selling charcol sketches of you, was a guy selling Pashmina's! Not just any pahmina's mind you...but pashmina's On Sale as all of the handwritten signs proclaimed.

The interesting thing is they were all $5, everyone was selling pashmina's for $5. It made me wonder if the prices had started out around $20 and eventually worked their way down to $5. I mean honestly, I don't know if I would really pull out a $20 bill on the street and hand it over to someone, I'd be concerned someone would grab the rest of my stash of singles and head off to the nearest strip club.

While we were in The Big City, I told The Boyfriend that I would let him pick out some "sexy" jeans for me and I wanted to buy a coat. Well let's just say that I bought a couple of pair of jeans, a pair of Mavi and a pair of Lucky, I also tried on a pair of Chip & Pepper's which were lovely but cost almost 1/3 of my rent so they decided to stay at Bloomingdales. We were also on a frantic coat search, looking at lovely ones from Armani - for a mere $3000 and Kenneth Coles for a paltry $600, but actually ended up finding one at Daffy's near Canal Street for only $30, and I look pretty snazzy too.

Since I bought a new coat, I got a couple of scarves too....but now I'm in a real quandry, I can't tie a scarf to save my life. While we were in NYC there were all of these people wearing just scarves and no jackets, but they had such great knots on them. The only one I know how to do is the twist, you know where you just wrap it around your neck and stuff it in your coat.

Anyone care to give me pointers on how to stylishly tie a knot in my scarf so I don't choke myself accidentally?

Oh yeah and since Pashmina's were so cheap I bought one for everyone, just stop on by and pick it up.


Jelly said...

Ooooohhh- a GQ slide show:

Can you give us a fashion show of your jeans, coat, and scarves? Please?

I'm glad you had a good time in NYC!

Pashmina, please!!

CanadianSwiss said...

Armani for a mere $3000? Good that you didn't look at Versace! And where can we pick up the pashmina??

Michael said...

Jelly - thank you for the you think the world is ready for a model the likes of me?

CS - let's meet for coffee!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jelly... A fashion show is definitely in order! Having seen the jeans (did I mention? They looked GREAT), I'd love to see the new coat and the scarf knot you choose... Cuz