Monday, December 04, 2006

Buying Tips: Winter Jackets

Winter has hit Chicago with a vengance, only a short week ago we were enjoying crisp autumn days that were hovering around the 60's mark - a glorius side-effect of global warming - today we're hovering closer to the 20 degree mark! BRRRRRRR

When I moved earlier this year, it forced me to do some housecleaning - primarily going through my clothes and deciding what was not going to make residence at the new place, one of those things to go was "The Winter Jacket"

I'd had my old jacket for a few years and I was tired of it, it was blah and boring and had no sense of style.

Fortunately one of the by-products of dating The Boyfiend has been the unwitting immersion into fashion. I've been forced into buying fashionable clothes otherwise hear the lament of "Oh no you didn't buy that did you?"

I knew I had to buy a new winter jacket so it was forefront on my list. When we went to NYC in early November, my goal was to come home with a new winter jacket, but alas it was not to be. I found one jacket that I liked, but there was no way in this world that I would spend $600 on a I know,$600 isn't a lot for clothes, especially a name-brand well made clothes, but still......that's almost a full month's rent for god's sake! Regardless, after a futile search that included all of the traveling partners, a New York City Winter Jacket was not to be.

And I've been looking since....I wanted to find the perfect jacket, but unfortunately this past weekends events forced my jacket shopping to a premature ending - I had no choice but to find a Winter Jacket. But when 6 inches creeps up on you, you sort of take notice....oh that's 6 inches of snow - you dirty bird!

So I went shopping on Saturday to Burlington Coat Factory - just so you know they're not associated with Burlington Industries (they always have to make note of that - must be a lawsuit thing or other).

Well you know what, this post has gone on too long and I don't want to lose look tomorrow for the Winter Jacket Buying Tips!


ditsybint said...

I feel your pain ... I need to buy the hubby a Coat for Christmas and I have no idea what style / design to get him.

Men are so hard to shop for *mutter mutter* said...

Toño and I went to buy one for Toño as well last Saturday. Kind of bi-continental winter jacket shopping experience. Though, we could had needed those tips that are still to come.