Thursday, December 28, 2006

Movie Reviews - Two Great, One not finished

We went to see Dreamgirls on Christmas Day, all I can say is WOW. The movie was phenomenal, Jennifer Hudson was terrific, Beyonce was good and the movie did an amazing job of staying "true" to the stage version. I would highly recommend that you go see it, really. That's all of my review, there's enough other people out there critiquing it so I'll leave it to them, instead I want to talk about going to the theater on Opening Day which also happens to be Christmas Day.

The Boyfriend was saavy enough to purchase our tickets online (via Fandango) early in the morning because when we arrived about 45 minutes early for the show, the ticker board was flashing SOLD OUT, when we got inside we split up - me to the Snack Counter and him to scope out seats. By the time I was checking out with my two popcorns and water there were about 30 people in line at the snack bar, whew, we got here just in time! When I got to the theater The Boyfriend had scoped out two places for us to sit - one with reclining seats and one with the "loveseat" feature. We ended up sitting in the loveseats on the aisle, really good seats! We just sat back and watched as the theater slowly and then quickly started to fill up. I always find it funny that people wait to the last minute to get to the theater on opening day, especially when there's a group of 6 and they all want to sit together and get there 10 minutes before the show they really think they're going to sit together?!? The theater was filled with 'Mo's and Women, while we sat comfortably in our seats there were at least a dozen people who chose to sit in the aisles instead of sitting in the front section of seats.

We also watched Little Miss Sunshine this weekend. YOU MUST see this movie, it is fabulous, it's funny, it's endearing and it'll have you scratching your head! We loved it.

We also started to watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.uhm.....well lets just say that we didn't really watch more than the first 30 minutes of the movie. I'm all about comedy and I love a stupid comedy (ala Airplane or Police Academy) but this was just WAY WAY too much, it just seemed like it was all shrieking and yelling and bad southern accents. I'm sorry, I know that I'll probably get booed for this, but I doubt that I'll ever put that DVD in my player again.


xmichra said...

won't get boo'd from me. Can't stand will farrel.

i will check out the other movies though :)

Andi said...

Well, I saw The Holiday last night not expecting much at all, but it was a really REALLY funny film. Even Jack Black wasn't too bad......

I'm not a fan of Jude Law but he was cute.

You should see that film!

Michael said...

Andi - Yeah I sorta wanna see that too, but I may wait for DVD, it's kinda hard to believe that Jack Black is now a Chick-Flick Actor?!? Jude Law has always been one though.