Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not really TiVO

When I moved earlier this year one of the "new" things we got was Cable....I didn't have cable at my old place (long story short - when I first moved 4 years ago I wanted to get the Phone/Cable/Internet combo, but at that time you had to have an existing phone line that the cable "took over", since I was just moving I didn't have a phone and didn't want to pay 2 installation fees, ergo I never had cable and went with DSL instead...whew)

So we got cable....and along with cable we got the Comcast DVR (we can't call it TiVO because that's a trademarked name) and HDTV (fortunately the previous owners of the condo left us a 52" HDTV it's fabulous).

All I can say is Cable is FABULOUS!!!!! Having a DVR is even MORE FABULOUS!!!!! You can record anything and watch it at anytime....there's nothing better than watching Saturday Night Live early Sunday morning after a good nights sleep!

Even better is the ability to fast forward past the commericals and to the answer part of Wheel of Fortune. I like to play a game where I record Jeopardy, watch it and then invite friends over to watch it again (only I don't tell them I already saw it) you should see their jaws drop!

The only thing I don't like is when you're watching a program and you suddenly realize that you're watching commercials......commercials that you don't need to watch - it's so embarrassing!

So have you TiVO'd yet?


David said...

I loved my ghetto TiVo (Comcast DVR) until we canceled it to save moohlah. OH well. But I am counting the days when MJ and I can get it again!

Andi said...

Do I even need to say anything about this?

DVR is my life.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

My (borrowed) TV broke 14 years ago. It was a nasty thing anyway. I had no space and every time I wanted to watch something I had to put it on my bed (the only free space). But that was good, because it did not have remote control and I could change channels with my toe. Did I mention that it had only 6 channels? What was the question again?

Michael said...

David - thanks for stopping by. Maybe we could meet up and have Ghetto Lattes at Starbucks and then watch some Ghetto TiVO?

Andi - I know - and you tape the Ellen show?!?

Gomad - GOOD FOR YOU!!! We have 4 tellies in this house and there are only 2 of us!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's not that bad. Mr.Mac usually copies the best of his legally purchased TV series on a mobile hard drive and we watch them on my old-school iMac. So I get only the cream of the crop and don't have to wait another week for the next episode.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto TiVO doesn't have the cute little "bloop" sound when you hit enter. Bummer.

Michael said...

TSK - You know I didn't even think about I'm gonna have to make that noise myself!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Tivo, although Tivo is very much like a microwave, once your used to it ... its really hard to live without.

I'm always watching the adverts accidently and I've lived with Tivo for nearly 4 years so don't feel too bad.

- Ditsy

Andi said...

I never used to tape Ellen but then I found I always missed good shows so I though "Bollocks - I'll tape them all then delete the crap ones (of which thus far, there hasn't been one!)"

That's why I tape Ellen. and Dallas. and Nip Tuck, How I met Your Mother and The Class and The New Adventures of Old Christine and......

*goes to try and find a life*

Anonymous said...

i LOVE DVR (or ghetto tivo). we don't even watch live tv anymore. even if there is a show that I absolutely have to watch the night that it is on (b/c I don't want to see spoilers the next day), i will DVR it and start it about 20 minutes into the time so I can FF thru all of the commercials. and DVR is a godsend for those of us who have to get up early. I can't stay up watching tv til midnight anymore!