Thursday, December 28, 2006

Only 3 days left

To finish all of your resolutions that you made for 2006.

I've only got one left - lose 25 pounds, maybe I'll call up Nicole Ritchie and see what her secrets are.

So do you have a New Year's Resolution?


Anonymous said...

My resolution for this year is to try to not be as cynical. I like being cynical outwardly but inwardly it starts to wear on me.

xmichra said...

lol.. if you should find the answer from Nichole, e-mail me alright??

Andi said...

er..... travel more? hahahahaha

I don't kow. The lose weight thing hasn't worked at all so I'm not even going there.....

I have no idea what I should change.

Maybe that should be it. Be more decisive about things.

Yeah, go on. That's the one. Decisive.

Michael said...

TMS - Cynical is fun, that's why it should always be outward, let everyone share in it!

Xm - Ok!

Andi - Are you sure you want to be decisive?