Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rules Rules Rules

Everyone wants rules but no one wants rules....I tell ya, it's getting harder and harder to live in a free country.

Remember my earlier posts, first about the backpacks and then the airport, well once again rules have come back to bite someone in the ass.

Only this time it's a 13 year old kid who got expelled from school for posessing a gun.....oh wait a minute let me tell you what happend.

A kid and his friend find an pellet gun in the bathroom, he takes it and turns it into they congratulate him and say "Job well done son!" NO.......

Instead they say "oh the rules say that posession of a gun gets you expelled" even though it's not your gun, even though you found it, even though you were on your way to turn it in....nope, you're in posession of it, so you're outta here kid!

So now this kid, who was trying to do good, has been expelled from school....I guess it's the same as kids who get in trouble for having Tylenol because their school has a "zero tolerence" rule regarding drugs....even though it's supposed to mean cocaine, crack and the like.

Rules suck sometimes don't they?!?

Here's the story if you're interested in reading it. I feel bad for the kid.

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The Big Finn said...

Now that the kid is used to rules, he'd be perfectly at home in Switzerland. Here, you're expected to follow all rules - even the ones that aren't written down anywhere.