Wednesday, December 20, 2006

These new gameshows

Has anyone else been watching this rash of night-time gameshows that are all over the TV? There's that really bad one with William Shatner "Show Me The Money" and then the one with Penn called "Identity" and there's 1 vs 100 with-- oh what's his name....but I think the best night-time game show is "Deal or No Deal" with Howie Mandel.

I watch these shows...along with my roommate....and we sit and yell at the tv, just like the rest of America, but there's really one big thing that bugs me about all of them.....

The contestants SUCK. These aren't "skill" games, so the people they find are the ones who are like the peppiest, perkiest, craziest people out there...I mean these people are up there acting ridiculous (or maybe it's just me) but these people are just totally out of control. But what's most annoying is that they're not even "smart" when they have to answer a question or match people up, they make the most annoying mistakes, which makes us just scream at the tv even more.

When we come home for lunch we usually catch the last 15 minutes of Millionaire, thank god because now that the show is on every day 15 times a day, the contestants and questions make me want to jump off our porch! The guy that was on yesterday had to use one of his lifelines on the FIRST question....yep, on the first question!!!!! The guy that was on today used two of his lifelines for the $4000 question, uhm HELLO.....and the question wasn't even hard. Oh my god I had to run around the house to stop from screaming at the guy.

But hey, that's what the networks want us to do don't they? Get mad at the people, interact with the TV and promote their shows for free on their blogs.....shit, just like I did.....oh well!

So what do you think of the new Night Time Game Shows - Smart or Annoying?


Anonymous said...

i really like 1 vs. 100 because i think i could kick ass at that game (at least it actually asks questions, unlike deal or no deal or the others). I've also been into identity this week, but only because i like to guess what the people do. we were watching last night and some old lady that looked like nancy reagan really pissed us off b/c she just kept saying really stupid stuff like, "oh, he has funny hair, maybe he's the gogo dancer."

Michael said...

ADS - YEAH we were watching the same one.....I wanted to wring her neck!