Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thwarted Again

Whenever I have a good devious plan gets thwarted right at the last minute.

The company I work for has a big location in Cleveland, OH and as you know, our lovely friend Andi lives in Cleveland.

We're rolling out some new stuff at work and some training needs to go on in Cleveland - I wasn't originally included - bastards, but at the 11th hour I was aked if I wanted to go.

But alas, the reason I was going was also the reason I couldn't go! So I almost had an airplane ticket in my grasp when it was suddenly withdrawn....foild again!

Oh, I also found out today why it's great to be a Plus Size Model!

We got our first snow yesterday, today was beautiful so a bunch of it was thawing, but it really just turned into ice.

When I was taking the garbage out I slid on the ice and landed on my big cushy ass! My hands were full of garbage so I landed on my elbows and ass. It pays to be a Plus Size Model!

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