Thursday, January 04, 2007

And we're off

To a great start for 2007.

The FTC has levied fines against 4 diet pill companies who can not "back up" their statements they make about their products and how effective they are.

Ever notice how at the bottom of those ads, in really tiny print that goes by way too quickly "These statements have not been endorsed by the FDA...."and that's about as far as I can read before they go barreling off the screen.

Here's the full story, I guess everyone is always trying to diet, I mean hell look at the food we eat. Everywhere you go it's Super Size this and Jumbo Size that and Extra Large Hungry Man portions.....if you want to lose weight the best thing you can do is learn portion control. Next time you dig into a bag of chips, take a look at how much a portion is, typically it's around an ounce, now who amongst us has not eaten a full bag of chips in one sitting? Ever notice that on a 20 ounce bottle of soda that it contains 2.5 servings, once you learn (and control) portion size you have a much better chance of losing weight instead of taking diet pills.

Oh yeah and just because the package says "0g Trans Fat" it does not mean there isn't any fat at all, just not any Trans Fat...a lot of companies, who have NEVER had Trans Fat in their product are now proudly labeling 0g Trans Fat trying to make people think they've done something wonderful.

Also on the diet front, apparently Dieting Passengers on the New York Subway are the cause of most of the delays. Interesting article can be seen HERE.

The best line of the article is:
"Not eating for three or four days, you are going to go down," Nelson said. "If you don't eat for 12 hours, you are going to get weak."

OMG, not eating for 3 or 4 days?!? Now I feel bad that I eat three meals a day (and snacks in between), which makes me realize that I need to join the gym this week! And no that's not a resolution, because resolutions just make me feel bad when I don't keep them!

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