Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birthday Presents

My birthday is coming up soon, typically I'm not one to advertise it, but if there is some generous benefactor out there that wants to get me a fabulous birthday present, I'll take


It will drive The Roommate bonkers!


Andi said...

Michael, could you NOT have posted that a few hours earlier. Now you're just going to have to 'pretend' to like my gift while I will always know that it wasn't what you REALLY REALLY wanted.......

Oh well!

gomad.ch said...

Just scan the barcode as you throw it away to shop automatically Do I get this right? You have to buy things just to throw them away to buy them again? Or what did I miss?

Michael said...

Gomad - don't you buy things and then just throw them away when you get home.....so you can go shopping again?

I think what they're trying to say is "When you're finished with whatever it is you're trying to eat/consume, scan it before you dump it in the trash" but of course that's a little wordy and makes more sense so they didn't go with it.