Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Britney Spears - An Update

I know that when you think of Britney Spears, you think of me. And that whenever you want an update on the skanks life the first thing you think of is coming here, I like that!

But I just read on MSNBC, and you know they're a powerful and trustworthy news organization, that Britney may be pregnant again!!!!

I don't know whether to believe it or there's nothing wrong with that but it's just funny that a few years ago she was saying how she was a virgin and that she was going to hold out til marriage and then in a short period of time she's gotten married twice and divorced twice, had two kids and showed her cooter at least on two occasions...what is up with Britney?

That girl NEEDS to keep her panties on!

Thus ends your Britney Spears Update!


Anonymous said...

who's taking care of her kids now? Is she still a mom? Haven't seen or heard anything about those poor kids!

Karen said...

You are right ... I do turn to you for all the celebrity news I need to know! Someone needs to do the prefiltering for me!

Happy new year!

Kat said...

pffttt. I don't think she knows what panties are.