Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Going to South Beach

Well figuratively that is.....I'm sure you've all heard that The Bears are going to the Super Bowl thingybobber...blah blah blah. The only good thing is the George (of George & An-delicious fame) is coming up to Chicago to watch the game with us, I sure hope the bears score a home run, I would be so embarrassed if they went all that way and didn't score at least one basket!

So we're not going to South Beach to see The Bears but The Roommate and I have decided that we are going to be visiting the South Beach Diet program, we're both feeling the effects of living with a roommate that likes to cook. Moving in with someone is worse than the Freshman 15, it's like an eating contest everyday - "look what I can make", "oh no, look what I can make." And considering that he's of Italian descent he sorta wins most of the time.

With all of that we've decided that we need to eath more healthy and the only way to do that is if we're both on the program.

So has anyone done The South Beach Diet? We're not gonna go all hog wild on it, but we're going to follow it closely.


I am going to be in ORLANDO, FLORIDA towards the end of February on a family vacation with my parents and my sister.....I know a few bloggers in North Florida, but I don't think I know anyone in Central Florida, nows your chance to speak up! Of course if we meet, my parents will be flabbergasted!


Andi said...

I just joined up with weightwatchers over the weekend and went to my first meeting yesterday.

If I say the numbers 914, I'll let you switch them around to get my crruent weight.

hence my joining.

No clue about the South Beach Diet. Isn't that bad for you? Or was that the Atkins diet?

Jimmy's pasta just tipped the scales for me pushing me into the next numbers.....

Thanks Jimmy


The Big Finn said...

Andi - Good luck with WW (Sorry Michael, I don't know anything about the South Beach Diet). Here are the weight loss on Weight Watchers totals in my family: me - 40 lbs., Mrs. TBF - 35 lbs., my mom - over 50 lbs. Plus we've all kept the weight off for over a year. May I recommend that both you and Michael buy a pedometer. It really gives one incentive to walk more (90 minutes of walking is worth 6 exercise points). Of course, being in the U.S., you'll actually have to make an effort to find some place to walk where you won't get run over by a truck.

Andi said...

TBF - I have a watch that calculates steps, heart rate, BP, calories and everything! I know I'm supposed to be doing 10,000 steps per day and with the gym and elliptical stuff I'm doing I am WAY over 10,000 (which is good).

Michael, it is amazing when you first try a pedometer. You ask any average person and they will tell you they walk easily 15,000+ steps a day but when they wear the pedometer it shows a dismal number in the 3,000+ category!

But good luck to you and Jimmy......

herb said...

I've done both WW and South Beach- South Beach is great, but I can never get through the first two weeks. I just get bored. My WW experience is here.