Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

All Dolled Up
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Ok, so I’m a few days late, I’m sorry. But Happy New Year, plus it means a lot more now than it did three days ago!

I hope that you had a great time on New Year’s Eve and that you got the opportunity to do what you wanted and be with who you wanted to be with.

My roommate and I had decided to have a “small” New Year’s Eve party with just a handful of our friends, probably 10 to 15 at the most. We had a huge housewarming/Halloween party in October and we knew we didn’t want anything that big this time so we decided to keep the guest list small and quiet.

Well it was anything but, for a party that was only to be 10 people it ended up being almost 40!!!!!!

Check out the photos by clicking on the photo, I wish that you all could have joined us, we had a fabulous time and fortunately nothing was stolen like at our last party!

Yeah I know, I need to get my hair cut, it's getting huge. But then you know what they say in the South - "The Higher The Hair The Closer To God!"


Andi said...

OMG, what did I accidentally take that I shouldn't have?????????

Anonymous said...

The party looked like a lot of fun. And you look so handsome all dolled up!

The Big Finn said...

I don't remember hearing about something being stolen at your last party.
The bastards!