Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Homemade Yogurt

Has anyone made their own yogurt at home?

When The Boyfriend and I went to New York in November we had a yogurt and fruit parfait from the deli across the street for breakfast each morning.

Prior to that I liked yogurt, but I never really searched for it, plus when I found out how much sugar was in yogurt (almost as much as a soda see HERE) I decided that I didn't want that much yogurt, even if it was good for you.

But these parfaits we got every morning were fabulous, layers of strawberries and banana's with granola and yogurt, yum yum yum.

So when we got back from New York I started making parfaits for breakfast, I even make my own granola! I know I'm such a hippie.

We've been going through plain yogurt like mad so I thought maybe I could even make that myself.....I've been looking at recipes online and it seems pretty simple, but I don't want to accidentally kill myself with a virulent strain of killer yogurt, so has anyone made yogurt and lived to tell about it?


Anonymous said...

I've tried it many moons ago. Of course, I did not go for the plain yoghurt and tried my favourite varieties. To say it short, it was a disaster. The supermarket some how did it far better. Hence, I will not share any recipes. Keep carrying.

Andi said...

This brings back memories! My mum used to make it years and years ago (pineapple yoghurt) and she had a proper little yoghurt maker thing. Anyway, it used to take her hours and we would be hovering around the fridge just waiting and waiting, then once she said it was ready we would wolf it down and it would be gone just like that! She stuck with it for about a month or so then that was it!

Anonymous said...

I can't help with a recipe but I surprised The Swede and kids on Christmas with an upcoming trip to NY. We're going on the 12th. Where can we find this fabulous yogurt parfait?

Michael said...

Gomad/Andi - that's not good news!

TSK - I'm so jealous.

We were staying right in the middle of the city at 40 W 45th Street and the Deli was literally directly across the street.

Jason in Oakland said...

Yes, I have...2 days ago. And I chronicled making it with my digital camera. Today I had homemade yogurt over grape nuts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know this response is over a year and half later. Heck, you may still want to know if anyone's ever made yogurt before, right? Well, I did this week. It turned out fantastic. I decided to forgo the DIY and buy a maker. Well, it still is DIY, but without the hassle of keeping the temperature just right. So for a $20 maker, 3 cups of milk, 1 cup of half and half, and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt (Brown Cow), I got seven glass jars of nirvana. Ok, that last part is an exaggeration, but it's good. I figure, if I use the maker at least 3 times it will pay itself off. Plus, I think each serving is around 90 calories. Not too bad for an 8 hour wait. (that's how long it takes to ferment).