Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Made Yogurt and It Didn't Kill Me

Whoo Hoo.....I made yougurt over the weekend and it didn't kill me. I'm a so happy (and surprised).

It was relatively easy as well. It took a while to do, but a lot of it was just watching until it got to the right temperature and then waiting. It takes a while so don't plan on it being done in an hour, I think in total it took about 8 hours for it to be complete.

The good thing is that now I've got a starter so I can make my own yogurt whenever I want, how great is that.

Now, not only do I make my own Granola but I make my own Yogurt.

For those who may be interested, here's the recipe:

Homemade Yogurt

1/2 Gallon of Milk (nothing less than 2%)
Candy Thermometer (if you don't have one, get one you need it)
1/2 cup Powdered Milk
1 small container of plain yogurt (like one of those dannon single serve ones)


In a big pot, with a nice thick bottom, bring the milk to a temp of 180 degrees, using your candy thermometer. Stir occassionally so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Once it reaches 180 degrees, take it off the stove and let the temp drop to 112 degrees (you can put it in the fridge - or since it's winter I covered it and put it on the back porch), it took about 45 minutes for the temp to drop.

Get your containers ready, I used old Quart Yogurt Containers - they worked perfectly. Just make sure you have the lid that goes with them.

Put some water in your tea kettle and boil.

Once it's at 112 (but no lower than 90) add the powdered milk (it makes it nice and creamy plus it adds extra protein w/o the fat) and the Yogurt. The recipe I had said to add 4 tablespoons, but I put the whole container in since it wasn't much more. Make sure you get plain yogurt or vanilla at least, none of that fruit/fruit blend stuff - just plain! At this point add the Vanilla and/or Sugar, if you don't you will literally have PLAIN yogurt

Pour the warm mixture into the containers. Put the lids on the containers and place in a glass/metal baking pan. Grab a kitchen towel and wrap around the containers (to keep them warm) and put the whole thing in your oven. Grab that boiling water and pour into another baking dish, put that in the oven next to the yogurt.

Let it sit.

Go watch a movie.

Read a book, a whole book if you please.

Every now and then check on the yogurt and see if the oven is still warm, it should be around 100 degrees. I left the light on in the oven and periodically I would boil some more water and add it, I even turned the oven on twice for a few minutes to maintain the heat but I don't think that was necessary.

DO NOT STIR the yogurt, I know you'll be tempted, but don't do it. Just let it set. It'll take between 6-10 hours depending on the temperature - seriously!

Somewhere in that magic hour the yogurt will stiffen up and become...well Yogurt! Now you can put it in the refrigerator!

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David said...

Wow, good job, Michael! did you add any flavorings?