Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meeting The TBF's

Meeting The TBF's
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Look who I met for lunch!

Mr. AND Mrs. TBF we met at one of the local pubs here for a bite to eat.

The Big Finn did a great job of finishing his hamburger even though he had just finished breakfast a few hours earlier, he's such a trooper!

You may remember that last November I had the chance to meet up with TBF for some Mexican food and Margaritas! This time Mrs. TBF came along for the ride.

So now I'm able to say that I've met 6 bloggers in the real world. And the funny thing......none of them are in Chicago!?


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed we couldn't join you. Hope you had as much fun with them as we did on Sat. night!

The Big Finn said...

Michael - I guess I didn't look past the "Nanny" post, and I just noticed that you've been a blogging machine since we saw you.
It was good seeing you again, and DA-AAAM that was a good burger! I'm back in Basel (Mrs. TBF is on her way to Bangkok as I write), and now I have to pay the price for all the eating I did while I was in Chicago.
I'm already planning my next trip to Chicago...thinkin' second half of April. Maybe you'll have to make a trek out to the 'burbs!

TSK - Why do you keep commenting as "Anonymous"?