Monday, January 08, 2007

Notes on a Scandal - A Review

The Boyfriend and I went to see Notes on a Scandal last evening, we both love us some Dame Judi Dench and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see her Dameness again.

What an interesting movie, we've seen some funky movies lately, last weekend we went to see Volver, wow you wanna talk about a fucked up movie that was it - but it was great.

Scandal is very interesting, bascially you think that the movie centers around Cate Blanchett's character having an affair with one of her students...but it's not like that at all.

Let's say it this way, several times during the movie someone would say something and The Boyfriend and I would turn and look at each other with a look of "Oh my god, does that mean what I think it means?"

There were a lot of close-ups of Judi Dench, and all of her wrinkles, which I think is amazing and beautiful. Unlike most actresses who never want to age, she is using her age to her advantage and doing a lovely job at it, I guess that's why she's a Dame eh?

Anyway, if you haven't seen this movie, I'm not going to tell you any more about it, because it will ruin it for you and I want you to have your own "Oh my god" moments.

But something interesting did we were leaving the theater (we went to an early show) As I was validating our parking ticket, we walked by a theater that was just starting to show Dreamgirls. We both really enjoyed that movie and thought that it would be wonderful to see Jennifer Hudson perform again, plus it had been years since I'd scammed a movie theater.

Well unfortunately the movie had already started so when we got into the theater we had to sit in the front...we weren't sitting there for five minutes when an usher came up to us and asked to see our tickets....can you believe it?

Well of course we didn't have tickets, so we tried to play it off that we didn't have tickets because we used Fandango and printed our tickets at home....but unfortunately we were told that the ticket checker would have printed out paper tickets and given them to us....we were brusquely escorted out of the theater and quickly shown the exit door.

Can you believe it? First YouTube, then the Grocery Store and then the Theater...I am so starting a gang. And if my sources are right, I may be getting a visitor from Ohio this weekend, we'll have our Gang formed by Sunday including a great name with corresponding gang colors and a snazzy jingle! So who wants to sign up?


Anonymous said...

You aree on a bad boy roll.

As we were exiting our last movie, Rocky Balboa was about to begin. I told TMS that he should see it and that I would take the boys home and come back to pick him up. He thought about it but chose not to. So, even though we never snuck in a movie or got kicked out of anywhere, are we still eligible? If so...

Sign us up!!! Sign us up!!! (Hands clapping as in Hercules! Hercules!)

I'll put in my request for a soft blue or periwinkle for the color choice.


Anonymous said...

OMG. how could you call anything made by my beloved Pedro Almodóvar "fucked up"? How dare you? By the way: On Saturday, we saw "La flor de mi secreto" again, an there (in 1995) Almodóvar already laid out the story of Volver in dialog.

The Big Finn said...

YOU are my hero!

Michael said...

TSK - Oh periwinkle!

Gomad - Oh no, don't get me wrong, I LOVED Volver, but the story was fucked up...don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I just wrote the funniest, best comment you ever read and Blogger ate it- Fuckers!

I'm in a shitty mood now so you'll just have to take my woid for it that it was the funiniest and best comment you ever read.

PS. Excellent work on getting kicked out of everywhere. You rebel!

Andi said...

Michael, want me to bring my leather jacket (from Halloween)? or is leather not going to be our gang material?

I AM going to be in the gang aren't I?

*holds finger over 'cancel flight' button*

Michael said...

Andi - No I think it will be chiffon or something like that, what are tutu's made out of?

Andi said...

I just read a review of the Judi Dench film. Never even heard of it! But now I want to see it.....

CanadianSwiss said...

You are sooo bad, Michael. Count us in! We could start your European gang.

David said...

OMG! How about the "Thorndale gang"?