Sunday, January 14, 2007

On The Way Out

On The Way Out
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It was a grey day today, a perfect time to visit the local cemetery!

Since Andrea and I both enjoy snapping photographs I thought a visit to our local cemetery would be a fun thing to do.

Graceland Cemetery is a fabulous old Chicago cemetery, I knew there'd be all sorts of creepy things to photograph. We had no problem finding willing subjects.

Well apparently my life is continuing it's spiral and this time I think it may be out of control. See, it all started because I drove my car instead of taking the train, I figured it would be much easier - plus it was cold out.

So we got to the cemetery and we started looking for a unique subject to caputre, we found it and I pulled to the far side of the road, figuring it would be easier to just park the car and then come back to it.

So we're taking some photos and this white car comes up towards us, it's got a security sticker on the side. The driver rolled down the window and said "Is that your car?" and pointed to my car. Yes it was. "Well you need to move it."

"I'm sorry sir?" I mean I wasn't blocking traffic, why did I need to move my car. Well instead of him explaining why I had to move my car he repeated, "You need to move that car."

So I asked him, why did I have to move it? I mean we weren't planning on leaving it there, we were only 20 feet away from it. Suddenly he raised his voice and said "Boy, I said Move That Car."

Oops, what'd I do now. I told him I'd move it, figuring that that would be enough to satisfy him.....but apparently when he saw that I wasn't jumping to it to get back to the car and move it, he hopped out of his car and approached Andi and I.

He started interrogating us and asking what we were doing there and why were we taking pictures. Oh shit! So we just explained that she was visiting and I lived here and we were just out taking some pictures.

Well Mr. Security Guard didn't like that so he told us that we needed to get in the car and get out of the cemetery, and I was NOT to come back!

WTF - YouTube has fucked up my life. First YouTube deleted my account, then I got kicked out of the grocery store, and then the movie theater. And now here I was getting kicked out of the cemetery!

What is going on with my where in the hell am I gonna be buried!?!?


Anonymous said...

Michael, what are we going to do about you?

Did the security guy think you were a terrorist? That kind of over reaction to people taking photos drives me insane. I'm all angry now.

Andi said...

Michael, you WERE kind of parked on the edge of the grass, quite possibly on the grave of some poor unknown soul who died so long ago that the headstone has disintegrated ........ :)

But still. He WAY overreacted!

Anonymous said...

look at the bright side...he called you "boy"...he thought you were a youngun.

Anonymous said...

You better find a cemetery soon as you'll soon be starving to death not being able to purchase any food.

Anonymous said...

You should've asked for his name and the name of his supervisor.