Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Passing -Yvonne De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo
9/1/1922 - 1/9/2007
You may be asking yourself - "Who is Yvonne De Carlo?" Well maybe this picture doesn't help, but I bet this one does:

Did you know that "The Munsters" was only on TV for 2 years, from 1964-1966, heck in those 2 years they did 70 episodes, which is a lot considering that most Sitcoms now only do between 20-25 episodes a year and get paid a whole heck of a lot more than Lily Munster ever got paid.

But dear Yvonne, we are sad to see you leave this earth but you will always live on as Lily.


george said...

I used to think that she was hot.

And she was.

The Munsters was hilarious.

I was sad to see her pass as well. Grandpa Munster died last year.

Michael said...

Geez George, you're just a buzz kill....Grandpa's Dead Too? And I bet your gonna tell me Hermann is dead as well....I can't handle all of this, i'm going to bed!