Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl Update

According to The Roommate and about 9 million other Chicago residents, myself excluded, apparently the Chicago Bears won their little game yesterday against the New Orleans Saints (wow, aren't you surprised I knew who they played?).

So I guess since they won the game yesterday now they get the chance to play in the Super Masters along with Tiger Woods - I don't quite understand that, but I'm sure it will work out somehow.

So now, not only can you count on me for your news about Britney Spears, but now I'll start giving you Sports Updates!

Hmmmm.....I think this is the only sports update you'll get, I'm gonna stick with Britney, because who wants to see Rex Grossman without his panties on....oh hey, I didn't think about that.

GO BEARS!!!!!!

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Andi said...

Well, he's on his way and please be gentle with him......