Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ugly Betty - Rebecca Romjin

How in the world do you get "ro-main" out of Romjin? I want to say Rom-Gin, anywho....she's now on Ugly Betty.

She's the woman that's been conspiring with Wilhamina all this time.


I was looking forward to this episode because I knew that she was going to be exposed this evening, but I had no idea it would be this amazing. Can you believe that SHE is Daniel's brother, Alex Meade?!? OMG, that is like the best twist ever for a night-time show?

And now I'm watching Scrubs - which I never watch - and it's their "musical" version - this is too funny. I can't believe they just did a song about poo!

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Anonymous said...

Scrubs has been my favorite comedy for years now!! Since Friends has been off the air, it's finally getting some recognition. Their music is great. Between Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy, I find most of my new music. Sad, but true.

I swear I think Scrubs tries to say the word "poo" once in each episode.

Enjoy it. It's HILARIOUS.