Friday, January 05, 2007

YouTube deleted my account

Well, it took no time for Google to take over YouTube did it? I uploaded a funny video that my roommate downloaded of a dog chasing a guy....apparently it was marked as "inappropriate" by the YouTube community (I guess because the guy was naked) and even though the video was grainy and you could barely see anything it must have offended some Grandma somewhere.

So I sent an email to YouTube to ask why the canceled my account after only one "infraction" but I doubt that I'll hear from them.

I am SO Pissed Off Right Now!


Andi said...


Holy Moly!

Anonymous said...

Do you know why I bookmarked your blog in the first place? It was because of that transexual video on youtube you posted about. You called it a train wreck. Its ironic that your account has now been cancled.

Don't jump on the google hating band wagon. Youtube is run independantly and whether google owned it or not you still would have been flagged. Maybe that guy who was going to send you the bible was a youtube admin, only waiting for an excuse to throw you out :)

Do like I do and use google video. Theres none of that "community" bull attached to it :)

Michael said...

Gamma - You're right, it is ironic! At least it's not Karma.

Darci said...

My freinds acct got canceled when she uploaded an elvis costello video to show me. There are 100's of those on youtube.

stupid, stupid, stupid

foxdemonprincess said...

i how do you know if your youtube account has been deleted or hacked. when i try to access it it just brings me back to the standard youtube page if your not signed up. i havent been able to access it for over two weeks now. everything else is okay for now i can still login on blogspot and yahoo but youtube is terrible. im guessing it was a noob that did it. because there isnt something o their that says you have been hacked. after posting this i think i will look on youtube for someone that has been deleted or hacked(i know fiori party has been deleted and someone else i know has been hacked so if you dont know whats wrong i could probably get help). but it doesnt help that know one i know has been hacked(funny how its the person that depends on the internet might have gotten hacked while the ones the use it rarely are okay). so please help me i want to know if it is a virus and its spreading on my computer or i wont be able to access youtube with a account of my own. please help me i need to know