Sunday, February 25, 2007


I feel like Sandra Dee when she sang that Vacation Song...oh wait that wasn't Sandra was one of the blonde chicks from the 60's though, I know that much.

I'm currently at the Happiest Place in the World - well I'm actually about 2 miles from there, but close enough to smell all of the happiness, with my Parents and my Sister. Got here yesterday, and fortunately got out of Chicago before the big storm hit. It was so hot today that we couldn't stand to sit by the pool, we had to go back to the condo and sit in the A/C.....

We did get some wirelss internet access today, but it's $23 for 3 days, can you believe that? I'll post some pix if I get a chance, I'm taking a ton of them.

Hope you're staying warm where-ever you are!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday

Blow Hard
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It's my friend David's Birthday, go over to MySpace and give him a shout-out. Here's a picture of him last year year practicing blowing out his candles!

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Blogversary

Today is my Two-Year Anniversary of blogging!

Wow, I never thought that I would have kept it up for this long, really I didn't.

It's been an amazing two years. If someone would have told me two years ago that I would have friends ALL OVER the world, I would have totally not believed them.

One of the great things is that I've had the chance to meet some wonderful and special people in real life, such as:

That Ropey Old Bird - Andrea
Her Amazing Husband
Mr & Mrs. Mac
Mr. & Mrs. TBF

Thanks to everyone who stops by everyday (or at least once a week) and leaves comments - you know who you are! Blogs are pretty cool aren't they?

So thanks for a great Two Years, here's to Two More Years!

Oh yeah, and if you haven't been over to visit The Boyfriend, check out his new Blog - The Boyfriend Says dot dot dot if you've had the amazing opportunity to meet The Boyfriend - you know that's not overstated!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Now I REALLY have a reason to hate Sandra Oh

For some reason Sandra Oh has just annoyed the fuck out of me.

I never really had a reason other than that I found her annoying.....I was never really able to put my finger on it other than I thought she was annoying.

**SPOILER ALERT - For 2/22/07 Episode***

And NOW on Grey's Anatomy I really have a reason to hate her. It's HER fucking fault that Meredith is alive.

WHY oh WHY couldn't she have just let it go.....she's Anna Nicole, I bet they didn't work that hard on poor Anna did they?

If she would have just kept her big fucking trap shut, Meredith would be having dinner with her mom right now and that would be the end of the show.

I find it rather condescending that we're supposed to believe that 5 minutes after she's revived that she starts talking........I was half expecting her to tell everyone that she was ready to meet them all out for Margarita's in 20 minutes!

I have watched TOO many years of ER to know that when you come out of a death stupor the last thing you do is have a great big conversation!

Why Sandra Oh....Why?

** UPDATED: thanks to Jane Gavin for calling me out as giving away what happened - sorry Jane! So now I'm an asshole AND I'm offensive....I just need one more for the trifecta!


As much as we like to think it, we're not Legends - just Legends in our own minds!

Earlier this week, The Boyfriend and I continued our foray into exposing ourselves to the arts. We're not exposing ourselves literally - although there were some cute boys in the audience this time! As I've said before, we are season subscribers to Broadway In Chicago, which ensures that we'll at least get some kind of culture during the year - even if we don't want it!

Just this week we saw Legends starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans - yes you read that right Joan and Linda together again.

Legends is a comedy about two aging film stars who are broke and approached by a producer who is trying to get them to star in a play together. Each of the women doesn't want the other to know that they're destitute so they each play their own little game to keep things "as they were." As expected there were catfights (albeit on stage but "on the balcony") so we couldn't really see what was going on, and there was lots of witty banter and words slung at each other.

The show was very entertaining, Joan and Linda did a great job, but I think that Joan did a MUCH better job than Linda. Joan was very animated and suprisingly, a very good actress. Linda on the other hand was very non-animated and however they had her mic'ed it sounded as though it was coming out of a tape recorder....she had no emotion in her voice and it was very monotone.

Both of the women look gorgeous, but then when you're rich you're expected to look fabulous - money = plastic surgery!

We weren't expecting to enjoy this show, but both of us had been looking forward to it just because of who was in it! They didn't disappoint, that's for sure...we laughed and we applauded, but we didn't cry.

Kathleen Turner is coming up soon in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Officially Offensive

Offensive III
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So it's official....I'm Offensive!

Someone left me a nice little note on Flickr that they used this picture on their blog - hey thanks for the credit, I love it.

They're doing a "what do you find offensive?" poll...and wouldn't you know it, I'm number 1.

Go vote for me HERE

I'm so embarrassed!

She's on the loose again

Britney sure has trouble keeping up with things doesn't she?

First it was her panties.

Then it was a failed stint at rehab.

Then it was her hair.

Then it was another failed stint at rehab!

She's out again, can you beleive that? Perhaps she's doing rehab one day at a time.

I don't think that's the best approach is it?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney Spears - An Update

OMG - I will never be a Hollywood reporter like this will I?

I'm sure you've heard all the craziness surrounding Britney but I just found out some more exciting news.

She just checked herself into Rehab - AGAIN!

You probably already heard that she shaved her head last week. The only good thing that came out of that is we can now confirm that the carpet matches the drapes!

Also during that hair cutting episode she got some tattoos.

And last week it was reported that she was in Rehab - For A DAY!

Oh poor Britney - did K-Fed have that strong of a hold on you? Or are you just Crazy, like that song you sang a few years ago?

My how the mighty have fallen - er, I mean the wealthy, she was never mighty.

He's Here!!!!

Guess What?

The Boyfriend is finally a member of the blogsphere!

Check him out over here at The Boyfriend Says.

Stop in and say "hello" I'm sure he'd love the traffic - plus it will make him post some more stuff.

So a big hello to The Boyfriend!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chicken Foot - Chicken Foot

What's that?
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Wow, what a busy weekend it's been. This Chinese New Year stuff is tiring for sure!

A group of 10 of us made our way to Chinatown yesterday to fill up on some delicious and scrumptious Dim Sum.

Have you had Dim Sum? It's total organized chaos. That's how The Boyfriend described it last year and it's the perfect definition for it.

We had no more than arrived at our table and taken off our coats when the carts started arriving. My friends trust me (for some reason) to do the ordering so in a matter of minutes the lazy susan is filled with tea, dumplings, noodles, and all sorts of delicious mixtures. My favorite of all Dim Sum items are the BBQ Pork Buns - last year we made the mistake of not requesting them as soon as we arrived and they were all gone.

First thing this time I asked for 3 trays of the BBQ Pork Buns - heaven in a bun.

I promised I would order Chicken Feet.....and promised that I would try you'll have to click on the picture to see what really happened.

Did you enjoy your Chinese New Year?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blockbuster Vs. Netflix

We're thinking of diving into the 21st century and actually join Netflix or Blockbuster.

We figure that between 3 of us (The Boyfriend, The Roommate and I) it wouldn't be an expensive endeavor....but now we don't know which one to get?

Which one do you have?

A Chinese New Year Weekend

Are you celebrating The Chinese New Year?

According to Wiki the Chinese New Year is February 18th this year and it's the Year of the Boar - I hope it's not a bore though!

To finish off the Birthday Extravaganza, The Boyfriend and I are taking a cooking class at Sur La Table on Friday evening, it's actually a hands on class so I think that we'll be forced to eat what we make. I promise that I'll wash my hands before we begin. The class is celebrating Chinese New Years so we're going to make all kinds of chinese foods - be ready for me to recreate the menu for you when you stop by for a visit!

Then on Saturday it's our Annual Dim Sum Outing!

I'll have to plan this better next year because I really had no idea that it was Chinese New Year when I planned it, I hope it's not too crazy in China town...but then isn't it always better to go visit someplace when it's really hopping!

I promise you that I will order - and eat - some of those chicken feet....I'll even get one of my friends to try it, I have an idea of who I think will join me in that little event!

So what are you doing for Chinese New Year? Interested in Chinese Astrology - check it out HERE

Babel should have been Babble

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

I hope that you and your loved ones had a fabulous day and that all of your Champagne Dreams and Caviar Wishes came true!

We had a fabulous VDay, we went to see Babel with our friend Art who was Stag for the big day!

Uhm.....Not so much!

I don't see what all the hype is about, the movie was good - it wasn't "great" though, or at least that's what 2/3rds of us felt (The Boyfriend disagreed with us). The story was interesting (I'm not going to go into it here - it's too complicated), the cinematography was beautiful. Some of the most stark scenes were the most amazing. But I don't feel as though the acting by Cate Blanchett or Brad Pitt were astounding.....I think the other actors were much better, i.e. The Nanny, The Moroccan Children, etc.

Does it deserve an Oscar this year? Not according to me

Monday, February 12, 2007

Get Sum Dim Sum

Round and Round
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It's Dim Sum Time again!!!!

Click on Flo's bellybutton to see all of the pictures from last year.

Every year I try to organize a little trip to Dim Sum - in the middle of winter. This weekend we're doing it again, we have a blast eating gross food and watching people eat gross food.

Typically we have a lot of different things, but we sorta stay within limits, you know like the bbq pork buns are to die for, they're my favorite of everything. Then's there the dumplings and the rice balls and egg rolls, tofu, shrimp balls and seafood dumplings...oh yum.

I think that I'm going to get and eat the chicken feet*(**)....have you ever eaten them?

* taken from Ms. Mac without permission or authorization.
** I'll take a picture to prove it.

It's time to clean your car

Check out this lady's car

And I thought my car was dirty because I had an empty can of Pepsi in the cup holder!

What's in your car?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Party Time

The heat is back on in the Clubhouse and the party is getting ready to get started.

The great thing about having a birthday mid-week is that you get to milk it the weekend before by saying "Oh my birthday is in a few days" and then the weekend afterwards you can say "Oh my birthday was a few days ago" and then people usually feel bad because they missed your birthday....of course I don't correct them in their feelings, they should feel bad.

So The Boyfriend and The Roommate are throwing a SMALL party this evening, only about 8-10 people, it had better not turn into New Year's Eve again because we don't have enough booze in the house.

Wish you were here, I'll have a drink for you!

Don't forget, I'm registered at Neiman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodmans and Toys-R-Us.

BRRRRR, it's cold in here

BRRRRR, it's cold in here
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The furnace in our apartment went kaput yesterday. That wouldn't be a bad thing, but the high temp of the day was 15 degrees. When we got home from work the temp in the house was 49 degrees.

The furnace guy came around 9:00 to fix it, so we didn't have to sleep by the fireplace, but damn it was cold in here.

I wanted to go back to work and sleep under my desk like George Costanza.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There's a new girl in town

Don't leave me'll never know what will happen.

A Britney Update

I know you've been jonesing for a Britney update and I apologize for my lack of posts, I bet you had no idea what was going on with the Pantyless Wonder didn't you?

Well apparently she's been dating a male model - I guess she likes those "himbo" types doesn't she? Maybe it makes her feel smart or something, I don't question Britney's judgement any longer.

Since I've been so lack in my posting of Britney goings ons, I'm sad to report that now she and said male model have broken up. According to a post on MSNBC she was "so smitten with the model that she reportedly was ready to convert to Judaism."

Didn't she just convert to Kaballahism or was that red string just an accessory? Apparently she changes her religion more often than her underwear....oops, she doesn't wear any so that anaolgy doesn't work does it?

Well she doesn't have to worry about that any longer because her boyfriend broke up with her this past Saturday by telephone. Hey at least it wasn't a text message like when she told K-Fed it was all over - that girls got some balls!

I don't understand celebrities....nor do I wish to!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BRRRRRRR It's winter in Chicago


It is so freaking cold here. If it weren't for summer I would have moved from this blasted city years ago. Just a few weeks ago, like less than 6, we were complaining that it was Christmas time and the weather was in the 50's....we knew that winter was going to bear down on us, but not as bad as it's really been!

I know I shouldn't bitch because there are people in colder climes than mine, but I'm going to anyway because this is rediculous......we've not been above freezing for more than a week, in fact I can't remember the last time we had temps in the double digits.

The other morning we woke up and the thermometer said it was -9 outside, I tried to take a picture of it - but my camera froze - so you'll have to take my word for it. When I went to drive my car I could barely get the thing in first gear. The furnace was running for almost 24 hours straight and the temperature in the house was 63 degrees.....indoors.....with the furnace running.......It's so cold that I actually look forward to going to work where I know they have to keep us warm, I actually asked my boss to assign me more work so that I could work long hours. I also figured it would help out this summer when I wanna take some time off.

Here's how you can tell it's winter in Chicago:

- When you get close to the window you can see your breath.
- It only takes you 10 minutes to walk to the store, even though the trip normally takes 20.
- You have goose bumps all of the time, you look like a plucked chicken.
- To go outside you dress in so many layers that you end up looking like Ralphi's little brother.
- Ice Cream Headaches without the ice cream - 'nuf said!
- When you wake up your bedside glass of water is empty and you tongue still feels like the Sahara desert.
- The Acurite Atomic clock/thermometer that hangs on an outside wall is running 5 minutes slow and you just put new batteries in it.
- When you walk outside you almost pass out after taking your first breath.
- After you've been outside for more than a minute the hairs in your nose freeze and feel like toothpicks, the same goes for your goatee (if you have one)

Damn Gina, it's fucking cold!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yes, it's true

Yes, the rumors you heard are true....some of these famous people also share their birthday with me, aren't they lucky!

Birthdays today include:
- The "Sultan of Swat," George Herman Ruth, in 1895
- Ronald Wilson Reagan, our 40th U.S. President, in 1911
- Joan Lucille Olander, in 1931 (known professionally as Mamie Van Doren
- Television personality Tom Brokaw, in 1940
- Attorney Aaron Burr, in 1756. Burr, our third U.S. Vice President killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel and was known as a traitor, although he was never convicted. Joseph Priestley, our Northumberland neighbor, died on this date in 1804.

In case you were wondering, I'm registered at Bergdoff's, Nieman Marcus and Toys-r-Us!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Super Series

George showed up at the airport this afternoon. And now he's surrounded by gay boys watching the Super Bowl.....fortunately The Roomate (who is the biggest straight boyin a gay boys body) is helping him keep focus on the game.

It's not even halftime yet and so many things have happened....there's been blitzes (but not the kind with ricotta cheese I might add) fumbles and a whole lot of ass grabbing!

So far so good!

Go Bears!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day - Conflicting Reports

Good Morning and Happy Groundhog Day.

Bet you weren't expecting that were you? Today is officially the day we find out whether we have 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring. Well considering that we had a late start to winter it would only make sense that we would have a late arrival of spring.

Up into December we were having balmy days of 50 degrees, now mind you, we weren't complaining at all, I mean who doesn't mind having a Christmas Day where it's almost shorts and flip-flop weather while living in Chicago - I sure don't.

But now we're paying for it......brrrr has it been cold here! For the last week or so temps have been below freezing and even getting into the single digits over night.....brrrr...we've actually even had to turn up our heat! Andi knows exactly what I'm talking about.

So this morning at approximately 6:45am CST it was officially announced by Punxsutawney Phil that spring will arrive early, the only problem.....Chicago's own Groundhog (who is nameless) said that we're going to have 6 more weeks of I'm really confused.

Here's something interesting I found on Wiki regarding the basis of the tradition of seeking the advice of a groundhog to tell your future:

In the U.S. the tradition derives from a Scottish poem:
As the light grows longer
The cold grows stronger
If Candlemas be fair and bright
Winter will have another flight
If Candlemas be cloud and rain
Winter will be gone and not come again
A farmer should on Candlemas day
Have half his corn and half his hay
On Candlemas day if thorns hang a drop
You can be sure of a good pea crop

Pretty interesting, considering that I grew up on a farm it makes sense.

I feel bad for you folks in the Southern Hemisphere, because winter is only coming too quickly for you isn't it?

So what's your prediction, will you have an early or late spring?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The TV

We have 4 televisions in our house....yes you read that correctly, 4 televisions. Why so many?

Well let's see, first there's "The Big" TV a 52" behemouth that sits in the den downstairs - that's the one with the DVR and the Cable Box and DVD/VCR set up on, it's "The" TV of the house. The Roommates Brother's Boyfriend didn't have room for it in their new house so he's letting us babysit it for him.

Then we each have one in our bedrooms - personally I like to watch TV when I go to bed, and even though The Boyfriend hates it, I LOVE watching The Late Show with David Letterman as I drift off to my nightly beauty coma.

Finally we round up the posse with the TV that is in the kitchen....the kitchen? Well let me describe it for you. The kitchen is the about 20' x 25' (it's really big) half of the room is the kitchen and the other half is the sitting area, we've got a Golden Girls table where we eat cheescake and kvetch along with a futon that adds extra seating and a nice place to sit and watch TV, in fact I'm sitting at the table right now using my laptop and wireless to post (you've gotta love technology).

The funny thing in our house is that you can ALWAYS tell who was watching TV last. The Roommate is the consummate str8 boy stuck in a gay boys body - he loves everything sports related - he plays softball and loves to watch football and baseball and Sports Center. I on the other hand am the consummate homosexual, I like arranging flowers, cooking and decorating (although the only thing I'm actually any good at is the cooking thing). So when you turn the TV on you can always tell who watched it last. If it was me it was either HGTV or The Food Network and if it was The Roommate it has to be one of those ESPN Channels, I can't figure out why there's a "Classic ESPN" channel.....why would someone want to watch a game where they already know what happened?

So how many TV's in your house....and what was the last channel you watched?