Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blockbuster Vs. Netflix

We're thinking of diving into the 21st century and actually join Netflix or Blockbuster.

We figure that between 3 of us (The Boyfriend, The Roommate and I) it wouldn't be an expensive endeavor....but now we don't know which one to get?

Which one do you have?


Andi said...


and Blockbuster rules change if you end up using the store AND mail in option....

Check it out. Google "Blockbuster dvd rental online complaints" or something.....

gotcris said...

Netflix. I think they have a better selection.

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried Blockbuster but I'm happy with Netflix.

Michael said...

I personally use netflix and have been really happy with the speed of the service and the selection.

Michael H

David said...

NETFLIX, baby!

Ditsy Bint said...

Netflix is what I use, and I'm happy with it.

Blockbusters sounds great in theory, but as I a) dont drive and b) never leave the house its no use to me.


K said...

Blockbuster's program is misleading if you read the fine print. Netflix is good, but sometimes you have to wait for movies if they're popular.

flimflam said...

Netflix has a better site [very helpful member reviews and slightly greater choice of movies], but Blockbuster returns function as in-store free coupons so you get twice as many movies, and half of them right away. So, if you're near a BB store, why not join both [at, say, 2 out at a time], which gives you the advantages of both organizations, and wouldn't cost that much split 3 ways? I did, and it's working out great.

Anonymous said...


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