Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Britney Update

I know you've been jonesing for a Britney update and I apologize for my lack of posts, I bet you had no idea what was going on with the Pantyless Wonder didn't you?

Well apparently she's been dating a male model - I guess she likes those "himbo" types doesn't she? Maybe it makes her feel smart or something, I don't question Britney's judgement any longer.

Since I've been so lack in my posting of Britney goings ons, I'm sad to report that now she and said male model have broken up. According to a post on MSNBC she was "so smitten with the model that she reportedly was ready to convert to Judaism."

Didn't she just convert to Kaballahism or was that red string just an accessory? Apparently she changes her religion more often than her underwear....oops, she doesn't wear any so that anaolgy doesn't work does it?

Well she doesn't have to worry about that any longer because her boyfriend broke up with her this past Saturday by telephone. Hey at least it wasn't a text message like when she told K-Fed it was all over - that girls got some balls!

I don't understand celebrities....nor do I wish to!

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Andi said...

Michael we are celebrities in our own right......