Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Chinese New Year Weekend

Are you celebrating The Chinese New Year?

According to Wiki the Chinese New Year is February 18th this year and it's the Year of the Boar - I hope it's not a bore though!

To finish off the Birthday Extravaganza, The Boyfriend and I are taking a cooking class at Sur La Table on Friday evening, it's actually a hands on class so I think that we'll be forced to eat what we make. I promise that I'll wash my hands before we begin. The class is celebrating Chinese New Years so we're going to make all kinds of chinese foods - be ready for me to recreate the menu for you when you stop by for a visit!

Then on Saturday it's our Annual Dim Sum Outing!

I'll have to plan this better next year because I really had no idea that it was Chinese New Year when I planned it, I hope it's not too crazy in China town...but then isn't it always better to go visit someplace when it's really hopping!

I promise you that I will order - and eat - some of those chicken feet....I'll even get one of my friends to try it, I have an idea of who I think will join me in that little event!

So what are you doing for Chinese New Year? Interested in Chinese Astrology - check it out HERE


CanadianSwiss said...

Oh wow! I've been to one of these cooking classed. They're really fun. I hope you enjoy it and take a few picts, eh?

The Big Finn said...

We will be staying home for Chinese New Year. On Saturday, I will be preparing a Valentine's meal for Mrs. TBF. On Sunday, she will be preparing a Valentine's meal for me.

Awwwwww...ain't we cute?

Have fun with the chicken feet. Just for the record - I'd eat them. I'll eat ALMOST anything!