Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Party Time

The heat is back on in the Clubhouse and the party is getting ready to get started.

The great thing about having a birthday mid-week is that you get to milk it the weekend before by saying "Oh my birthday is in a few days" and then the weekend afterwards you can say "Oh my birthday was a few days ago" and then people usually feel bad because they missed your birthday....of course I don't correct them in their feelings, they should feel bad.

So The Boyfriend and The Roommate are throwing a SMALL party this evening, only about 8-10 people, it had better not turn into New Year's Eve again because we don't have enough booze in the house.

Wish you were here, I'll have a drink for you!

Don't forget, I'm registered at Neiman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodmans and Toys-R-Us.


CanadianSwiss said...

I hope you had a great party and many laughs!

Andi said...

Yeah Michael, are you still sleeping? Was the party THAT hot?

I want to see pictures too!