Thursday, February 22, 2007


As much as we like to think it, we're not Legends - just Legends in our own minds!

Earlier this week, The Boyfriend and I continued our foray into exposing ourselves to the arts. We're not exposing ourselves literally - although there were some cute boys in the audience this time! As I've said before, we are season subscribers to Broadway In Chicago, which ensures that we'll at least get some kind of culture during the year - even if we don't want it!

Just this week we saw Legends starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans - yes you read that right Joan and Linda together again.

Legends is a comedy about two aging film stars who are broke and approached by a producer who is trying to get them to star in a play together. Each of the women doesn't want the other to know that they're destitute so they each play their own little game to keep things "as they were." As expected there were catfights (albeit on stage but "on the balcony") so we couldn't really see what was going on, and there was lots of witty banter and words slung at each other.

The show was very entertaining, Joan and Linda did a great job, but I think that Joan did a MUCH better job than Linda. Joan was very animated and suprisingly, a very good actress. Linda on the other hand was very non-animated and however they had her mic'ed it sounded as though it was coming out of a tape recorder....she had no emotion in her voice and it was very monotone.

Both of the women look gorgeous, but then when you're rich you're expected to look fabulous - money = plastic surgery!

We weren't expecting to enjoy this show, but both of us had been looking forward to it just because of who was in it! They didn't disappoint, that's for sure...we laughed and we applauded, but we didn't cry.

Kathleen Turner is coming up soon in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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