Thursday, February 01, 2007

The TV

We have 4 televisions in our house....yes you read that correctly, 4 televisions. Why so many?

Well let's see, first there's "The Big" TV a 52" behemouth that sits in the den downstairs - that's the one with the DVR and the Cable Box and DVD/VCR set up on, it's "The" TV of the house. The Roommates Brother's Boyfriend didn't have room for it in their new house so he's letting us babysit it for him.

Then we each have one in our bedrooms - personally I like to watch TV when I go to bed, and even though The Boyfriend hates it, I LOVE watching The Late Show with David Letterman as I drift off to my nightly beauty coma.

Finally we round up the posse with the TV that is in the kitchen....the kitchen? Well let me describe it for you. The kitchen is the about 20' x 25' (it's really big) half of the room is the kitchen and the other half is the sitting area, we've got a Golden Girls table where we eat cheescake and kvetch along with a futon that adds extra seating and a nice place to sit and watch TV, in fact I'm sitting at the table right now using my laptop and wireless to post (you've gotta love technology).

The funny thing in our house is that you can ALWAYS tell who was watching TV last. The Roommate is the consummate str8 boy stuck in a gay boys body - he loves everything sports related - he plays softball and loves to watch football and baseball and Sports Center. I on the other hand am the consummate homosexual, I like arranging flowers, cooking and decorating (although the only thing I'm actually any good at is the cooking thing). So when you turn the TV on you can always tell who watched it last. If it was me it was either HGTV or The Food Network and if it was The Roommate it has to be one of those ESPN Channels, I can't figure out why there's a "Classic ESPN" channel.....why would someone want to watch a game where they already know what happened?

So how many TV's in your house....and what was the last channel you watched?


The Big Finn said...

We have two TVs in our apartment; the main TV in our TV room, and then a smaller TV in our bedroom. We don't watch the TV in our bedroom too often.
The last thing I watched was The Simpsons on Sky One (it's a UK channel).

Andi said...

er.......8 TVs (I KNOW) and er.... Soap Network of course!

Karen said...

Your kitchen sounds awesome! I want a kitchen with a sofa!

As for the TV, well, the condo people came to fix some gizmo so that my reception could be improved. My reaction was like "huuhhhhhhh my reception?"

The Sour Kraut said...


We don't watch anything that's not TiVO'd. I never know what time or channel a show is on.

Ditsy Bint said...

A TV bigger than me in the living room, with an old Tivo, duel region DVD player, a Mac Mini (for *ahem* storage), amplifier with surround sound & a VCR. (Shall I mention the PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, & Wii)

In the Bedroom a huge plasma screen, amp with surround sound, Tivo, DVD player, Xbox 360.

My office is a simple 20" or so screen with a duel region DVD player.

My husbands office there is two tv's used for his photography (which he hardly does anymore, but are handy for the models to see how they look in the camera screen as he's far too polite to tell someone they need to "suck it in").

Lets not get on the subject of computers or monitors please :)

It is safe to say that our home is Geek Candy Land.

Anonymous said...

We have 4 TV's, one in the lounge, one in the bedroom, one in the study and one in the storage room (i dont know why), and we have 4 computers and one lap top. None are networked or wireless (we live in middle of no-where and can only get dial up - argh).

Ms Mac said...

We have too many tvs, but mostly they're hooked up to games consoles (X-Box is mine (ok, Mr Mac's but I love X-Box). And today I am happy to report I watched my first ever soapie in German and even understood some of it!

Oh, but that wasn't the reason for my comment. I wanted to say that I love Letterman too and that I'd wun away with him if I could.