Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm a Mender

That's Mender as in fixing clothes not Mhendi as in intricate tattos made with henna.

As you may recall from an earlier post - I'm not very apt to fix clothes that lose their buttons, hooks, strings, etc. When my Grandmother was alive, she loved to do these types of things - fix hems, holes in pants, etc. so I always "saved" a pile of clothes that I would take her so that they could be fixed....alas Grandmother is no longer with us which means that these clothes don't stand a chance in hell of getting fixed.

Well yesterday was beautiful here in Chicagoland - we broke our record high with a sweltering 80 degrees and a slight breeze - it was fabulous! Everyone who was anyone was out and about enjoying the day - including me! There's a local bar Big Chicks which has a great Sunday afternoon buffet and vodka lemonades so a bunch of us agreed to meet there to soak in spring!

As I was pulling together my wardrobe, the worst thing in the world happened.....a button broke on the shirt I was going to wear. Not fell off mind you, BROKE into pieces. It was almost too much for me to handle, I mean it was the perfect shirt to match my orange Dickie's shorts that I got last year at Wal-Mart. Time was running short and I knew I would be late - but I had to do something I hadn't done in years.

I pulled out the sewing kit and sewed a button back on. Fortunately the shirt had one of those "spare" buttons on the inside, otherwise that poor shirt would have truly seen the inside of a trash bin.

So apparently my clothes are now talking to each other because today when I got back from lunch and went to the washroom - the zipper on my pants decided to not function any longer. No matter how much fiddling (with the zipper that is) I can't get it to work, so you know what - I can fix a button, I can maybe fix a seam, but there is no way in hell that I'm fixing a zipper on a pair of khaki's.

So goodbye old Khaki's, I'm sure you'll be fabulous when I use you as a cleaning rag! See, you are multi-purpose.

Let's just hope that between now and the end of the day - Big Willy doesn't make an unannounced visit - thank goodness I'm wearing undies today!


Andi said...

I would NEVER have thought of using the inside spare button. Next time I come and visit, I'm bringing ALL my broken clothes.......

You'll be busy Michael!

Michael said...

Uhm, Andi...that would be Hell to the No!

The Big Finn said...

If you really like the khakis, you could just bring them to a dry cleaner and have them put in a new zipper. It would be a lot cheaper than buying a new pair of pants.

Michael said...

TBF - You are becoming Swiss aren't you? Have you forgotten "The American Way" - don't fix it, replace it!

I actually just got a new pair of khaki's last week for $19

The Sour Kraut said...

The zipper on my favorite coat is broken. I've been shimmying in and out of it. I used The American Way and tried to replace it to no avail. There wasn't a coat good enough to replace this one. I am taking TMS's and TBF's advice and bringing it into the cleaners to get fixed.

Well? Did Big Willy come out and see his shadow?

Michael said...

TSK - Fortunately there was no incident this afternoon. No one was more relived than I!

David said...

I want to see your shorts you bought at Walmart! ha ha