Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I love technology. I love gadgets. I love new things on the market. I'm a technophile, I admit it. It's amazing the things that are being developed...just recently TI announced that they have developed a DLP projector that will fit in a cellphone, isn't that amazing!

As much as I love technology, there are some aspects of it that I just thoroughly detest - like cellphones. OMG, what in the hell did people do before cellphones? Even though I love technology, I was a late adopter of the cellphone, I don't think I got my first one until 1998 back when Cingular used to be BellSouth. I was an even later adopter of Digital Photography not getting my first camera until 2003 - can you imagine.

But there is one piece of technology that I abhor and wish had never been made.....the freakin bluetooth cellphone headset!

OH MY GOD those headsets are the most annoying things in the world. Why do people feel that they're so important that they have to wear their phone on their heads like that? Do they all have a secret fantasy of being Uhura?

I guess I don't get it? When I got my Razr almost 2 years ago it came with a free bluetooth headset, I think I used it twice. First it was a major pain in the ass to pair the phone with the headset and secondly it was the most annoying thing ever to wear. I ended up just carrying the thing in my pocket and pulling it out when I needed it - but then I had to pull the phone out to see who was calling and then I just gave up using it at all.

We were at lunch yesterday....and the waitress had a headset on....how annoying.....I was at the local bodega...and the girl behind the counter had a headset on......I was walking down the street and coming towards me was this sort of well dressed woman talking nonsense to herself...sort of screaming...sort of not....I was looking at her trying to figure out what's going on when I realized that she wasn't talking to herself, she was yelling at her "boo" through her bluetooth headset. I went downtown the other day to take pictures, I passed this family of 4 (Mom, Dad, Teenage Daughter and Teenage/Adult Son) they ALL had bluetooth headsets on?!? WTF is up with that?

Are Bluetooth Headsets the current status symbol? Do you constantly need to be in touch with someone that you're willing to wear it all the time or do you want to "show off" that you've actually got a $39 headset?

The best part of it all though is.......whenever I'm around friends that have these blasted things - they have no problem saying "Oh, I've got a call" and attempt to put me on hold - even though they're looking right at me! How Rude, I'm not like Caller Waiting - I'm standing here in front of you having a conversation with you.

I've gotten to the point where I ask my friends to take off their headsets.....that or I just continue to stare at the little blue light until they realize that I'm not paying attention to them any longer.....(**EDIT - I love this line but it's sorta mean so please don't include it with the rest of the blog - Maybe it's their fault if the little blue light is more entertaining than they are.) and instead looking at that little light wondering which aisle has the Blue Light special?

Do they still have Blue Light Specials at K-Mart?


J.P. said...

K-mart no longer has blue light specials (the bastards) but I would find them infinitely more entertaining than anyone that has a bluetooth headset on.

Ms Mac said...

Gahhhh! Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. When you're talking to someone who has one of those (friggin' ugly) headsets on, you just never feel like you have their full attention.

Wearing one when you're with friends is the height of rudeness.

Punkrawk4all said...

Yes, I DO like looking and acting like Uhura! That is the SOUL reason I got my bluetooth head set.

Michael said...

Punk - Since you can admit that then wear your Bluetooth with pride : -)

The Big Finn said...

I have a cell phone, but I only use it about once every few months. I've never set up the voicemail, and I don't even know what my phone number is. Why the hell is everything so damned urgent these days?

Anonymous said...

The only blue tooth thing I have is a hands free thing in the car. I have an hours drive to and from work, so I have it on then. Its illegal for us to use mobile/cell phones whilst driving, to the point that we can be fined if found to be stopped, but with the car in gear, and you press any button on a mobile/cell.

I'm very glad I'm not important enough to need a Uhura headset, I think I would just look like a wanker walking down the street with it on.

BTW - K-mart in Oz = Red Light Specials (even with that phrase being slang for a brothel!).

Jeanette said...

I do use my bluetooth headset, but mostly in the car while I am driving because it makes it easier to pay attention to driving while talking. If others are in the car or with me, I don't talk on it.

Actually, I tend to make calls incredibly brief if I am in the presence of a real life person.

I will admit to using my bluetooth in my house while talking for a long period of time because the phone tends to get a little warm.

But I hate wearing the thing most of the time because I think that people are staring at it and thinking I am pretentious.