Friday, March 23, 2007

What's Up?

Can I say that coming off of vacation, being sick, and having a co-worker quit has been driving me crazy! OYE, I'm not gonna bitch, but long story short:
- had a fabulous time in florida
- 2 days after getting home, started getting sick
- missed 1 day of work
- stupidly went back to work for "going away party" for co-worker
- missing 2 more days of work
- going back to work and having "major initative push"
- me getting better - roommate gets sick
- The Boyfriend having The Son for a whole week

Well now it's a long story - so sorry!

Let's just say it's been crazy...but this too shall pass.

Some fabulous things did happen in the last week or so though. It's spring and boy can you tell it....there is no snow anywhere here and it's sorta been warm. Highs have been in the 50's but the sun has been out and then Wednesday it rained most of the day, in fact we got caught without umbrella's twice that day - once coming back from lunch and once going to get our free Iced Coffee's from Dunkin Donuts.

It's getting caught without an umbrella that makes me think of this funny thing that happened to me a long time ago....

let's go back in our wayback machine.....picture it, 1986.....Michael isn't quite gay yet and he's in New York City with his girlfriend and as I now know them to be - my two fag hags. How sad is it that in High School, I had fag hags and didn't even freaking know it!

Regardless, the four of us went to NYC on a bus trip, I think we were going to see CATS! - Now and Forever - well not forever any more - but it was back then and that's what we're talking about - the four of us in NYC, fresh from the farm. I loved going to NYC, we could grab a charter bus for $35 and it would take us into the city on a Saturday morning and take us home in the evening - it was fabulous! So we organized a little trip and went off to the big city.

I remember that we were walking around near Times Square when the clouds just broke and rain poured out of the sky! It was a disaster - we had no umbrellas. I spied a Woolworth's (again that's how you can tell this was a while ago) and we ran in, along with thousands of other wet New Yorkers - ick!

We hustled over to the bin that contained the umbrellas and started to work our way in. Considering that everyone else has got the same bright idea that we have, it was a little chaotic at the umbrella bin. Finally we made our way to the front of the herd and figured we'd better get an umbrella quick and get the hell out of dodge. So we're picking through the umbrella's and my friend S starts critiquing them "Oh, I like this one. Oh that ones gross. Oh do you like that one. Oh wait, let me see that one."

She's in the middle of one of musings when this old Jewish woman looks at her, sways her head from side to side and says "Honey, when it's fucking raining like this who cares what the god damned umbrella looks like, just pick one and move on."

Well let's just say - being the country kids that we were - we were a little surprised at that...we had a serious moment like "oh my god did that just happen." and then suddenly we broke out into laughter and so did a few of the other people that were doing the same thing as us.

And that's what I think about everytime I get caught without an umbrella.

9 comments: said...

I see what I'm missing. I stopped doing umbrellas before I went to NYC in 1987.

Anonymous said...

lol.. that is a super cute story Michael :) I love it when things just pop into your head like that.. makes you smile and people wonder what you are up to. hehe


Karen said...

Ha ha! Priceless.

The Sour Kraut said...

What's a fag hag?

Michael said...

TSK - Think Grace of Will & Grace.

Michael said...

TSK - Check this out:

Fag Hag

The Sour Kraut said...

Thanks for the insight.

Are you ever going to tell your coming out story?

Michael said...

My "coming out" story is sort of boring - no party, no balloons, not very glam!

The Sour Kraut said...

Can you embellish?