Monday, April 23, 2007

A Different Taste

Have you ever taken a big gulp of something and halfway through the experience, beyond the point of no return, realize that you’re tasting something completely different than what you were expecting?

Sort of like taking a huge gulp of what you think is Coke and realizing halfway through that it’s actually Diet Coke? Or taking a big gulp of something you think is Sweet Tea and it ends up being Unsweetened?

Before you take that sip, you’re setting yourself up for what you think you’re about to experience……oh boy is it hot out here, I’m so dehydrated I could so go for a coke right now……you’re probably thinking about the last time you had a Coke or perhaps the first time you tried Coke, all those good things are going through your mind and suddenly you get a great big signal from your tongue that says “HEEEEYYYY DIET COKE IS HERE” your brain starts going into spasams because it doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do. I’m expecting Coke, I’ve got myself all set up for Coke and instead that fucker Diet Coke shows up? What’s worse is drinking a Dr. Pepper that is warmer than you expect it to be, so it burns the whole way do……

So this evening, I had a taste for Chinese food. I know you think I’m terribly spoilt that I have Chinese Take-away available within a block of my house, but I’m not. But it is terribly convenient. The Roommate told me I was on my own for dinner this evening so from lunch time on….I was tasting Chinese food for dinner.

I got home from work, did some work on the computer and knew that I was having Chinese for dinner that I could work a little later than normal. Finally when it was getting too late for even reasonable takeaway, I grabbed the phone and dialed the number – that I just happen to know by heart, thank you very much. Ring……..Ring…….. ok, they’re pretty quick on the phone? They must be really busy, is it a Jewish Holiday? Ring….. Ring…by this time I’ve pulled out the menu binder and found the menu to make sure I dialed the correct number.


So all day I had a taste for Chinese…..the Hot & Sour Soup….the crab rangoons……and Empress Chicken… a matter of seconds it was dashed……gone…….so I ended up not having chinese for dinner because it was too late to order from the second choice and it would take an hour to deliver. At that point, I didn’t want Chinese food any longer.

As I was, at this point, scavenging for food….I saw we had Raisin Bran…ok, I’m cool with cereal for dinner. We’ve got bananas and strawberries and I’ll make toast, I’ll have breakfast for dinner…there, problem solved.

Except it wasn’t exactly Raisin Bran, it was more like Rhaisin Braun. We have a habit of buying generic cereal because regular cereal costs and arm and….well….we don’t typically have it for dinner, it’s just for a quick breakfast meal. So it wasn’t the best of cereal, but at least there was milk….yummy milk……skim milk……WTF?....oh I hate my roomie right now…..skim milk, he’s killing me! But I know he tolerates my 2% so I can deal with it. But then when I went to butter my toast I had to use the Shedd’s Spread because the butter was still in the freezer……

So I really wanted Chinese for dinner but ended up with Cereal instead…..things don’t always work out as you expect do they?

So what did you have for dinner?

Great, now my cereals mushy because I wrote this post instead of eating….damn!


The Sour Kraut said...

I'm really laughing right now. I know, if I were a true blogger, I'd just write LOL, but I'm not. I still write it out, still use caps and all that.

I'm LOL-ing because The Swede and I order those exact things for Chinese take-out.

I think most, or even all, Chinese places are closed on Mondays-Jewish holiday or not.

The Medium Swede said...

We had spaghetti, garlic bread and some very yummy brownies!

Michael said...

TSK - I guess they're like hair salons.

TMS - Sounds careful, I kinda sorta remember where you live....