Monday, April 30, 2007

I made it on Consumerist!

Have you ever visited Consumerist or Gizmodo? They're two of my favorite sites, I mean besides yours of course, yours is my number one favorite.

Gizmodo is all about technology and gadgets, something close to my heart. Every day, they have all sorts of interestings posts, and they've got a snarky attitude - which helps.

The Consumerist is a blog all about consumers, consumers rights, customer service, all of those things I hold near and dear to my heart. I always like to read about who's doing what right and who's doing stuff wrong.

I typically don't read either of these sites on the weekend so I have to run through the archives on Monday......I was reading about the Bank of America potential merger with ABN/Amro where they were discussing the fate of LaSalle Bank. Which as you may know is the sponsor of the Chicago Marathon....attached to the post was a picture of the LaSalle Bank Theater here in looked vaguely familiar....well it should have, it was MY PICTURE!

Consumerist used one of my Flickr photos in one of their posts HERE

I knew those Broadway in Chicago season tickets were going to pay off eventually and that taking tap lessons never would.

For all we know, this may be the beginning of my Yellow Brick Road...first it was Meeting Andilicious, then Loopy Fruit and now THIS!


Andi said...

They didn't even credit you!!!!

You should at least e-mail and ask that your name be put by the photo at the very least. Then, depending on how apologetic they are, THEN and only then do you demand gajillions of $$$$$$

But really.

Michael said...

Oh no, they gave me credit...they gave me a link to the flickr page!

TAGS are paying off baby!

The Medium Swede said...

That is so cool! BTW I am in on the gay bar tour.

The Sour Kraut said...

I'm thrilled to hear I'm your number one site!!

One of my photos got published in The Daily Herald. Woo-Hoo!!

Michael said...

TMS - Why does that not surprise me?

TSK - Congrats!!!!

Ms Mac said...

Oooh Michael, what a long way you've come from getting kicked out of everywhere. Those people will soon be spitting chips when they find out they've treated you, a soon-to-be-famous celeb so badly!

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - You are absolutely, postively correct. I'm gonna have to print out that post and carry it with me at all times and then when things like that come up I'll just say "Do you have any idea who I am?"

Raul said...

Wow! At least we can say we knew you before you became famous! Good to see you and the boyfriend tonight.