Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm (in) a Class Act(ion)

Whew, I'm back from the Left Coast, boy was that tiring!

I arrived home early this morning, 1:30am, and promptly slid into my own comfy bed, but not before sorting through the mail that arrived during the days I was gone.

One of the envelopes was just a plain white envelope with a plain address listed, but looked official (sort of like the ones they send a new credit card in so that it doesn't look conspicuous, but it always is), so I opened it.

And what were the first words I see? Court of Illinois....oh crap, what the hell have I done now?

Apparently I did nothing, which is always good, but I'm involved in a lawsuit, a Class Action Lawsuit at that, and apparently I've won! What started out as a lump in my throat ended up with me finding out that I could be at least $23.50 up to $100 richer by the end of summer! How fabulous is that?

I guess that a Car Dealer did something illegal - can you believe that? I guess at sometime in the past they sent me an advertisement that I was pre-approved to buy a car from them - but they got the information in a shady way. So someone sued them and filed a class action suit.

Since I didn't respond to the mailer - I qualify - see throwing out junk mail does work. All I need to do is return a piece of paper with one checkbox marked and I'll be rich rich rich before Autumn comes around.

I have to stop saying I never win anything.

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