Sunday, April 08, 2007

Monkey Madness Margartia Party

What did you do this weekend?

Since we had Friday off as a Holiday we decided to have a little get together - GAME NIGHT!

But I couldn't be just any Game Night, no it had to have a theme. Some friends of ours have a fabulous Halloween Long Island Ice Tea party - so we knew that was out. And David & MJ of LoopyFruit Audio Network are well known for their Cosmopolitans - so much so that they hand you an official menu when you walk in the door - so we knew that was out.

What could we do? Inspiration hit us as we were walking the aisles of our local Red Dot Boutique looking for a pitcher to store whatever we were going to make.

It was there that we found exactly what we were looking for - Monkeys!

Thus the Monkey Madness Margarita Party was formed.

You can check out the photos HERE

After we all had a few drinks, I pulled out LCR. Perhaps you remember my first refernce to LCR when I went to Florida to visit my parents.

LCR is really an addictive game that's great to play at a party because it doesn't require a whole lot of attention and there's enough "down time" during the game that you can still drink and have conversations.

Check out the video:


Andi said...

What a pity you don't have that big monkey bowl still :)

Xmichra said...

what the heck is LCR??

Michael said...

Andi - I know - we even tried to get it back for a special appearance, but couldn't arrange it with the museum.

I'll bring LCR with me later this month.

XM - It's a very cool dice game, just google LCR Dice you'll find it.

The Sour Kraut said...

Oh, I love theme parties!! And game nights!!

The Swede and I are big fans of LCR, or CLR as I mistakenly call the household cleaner.

Michael said...

TSK - So Theme Game Nights must be the ultimate for you then?

I'm glad someone else knows LCR, do you play for money?

The Sour Kraut said...

Of course! The Swede and I are notorious winners. I noticed in your photos that you seem to be playing for quarters, even nickles perhaps? C'mon, raise the stakes! We play for dollars.

Michael said...

We were playing for dimes. It was everyone's first time playing so I had to break them in easy.

Xmichra said...

I just googled that and decided the fates are against me still.. so i will not be playing yet. I will wait till the heads or tails actually goes in my favor before gambling :) hehe...