Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Real Reason the Cubs are For Sale

Leave it to the media to jump on the bandwagon and shout from the hills that sky is falling.

I always find it interesting how the media will jump on one piece of news and then beat the shit out of it.

If you haven't heard yet, The Cubs are For Sale! But the reason the media is telling everyone the Cubs are for sale is because the Tribune Company was sold over the weekend to Sam Zell of Highland Park for 8.2B USD, yes that's a B for Billion. Due to that transaction the Cubs are for sale because they could make almost 600M USD which is a profit of 579M USD because they bought the Cubs in 1981 for 21M USD - that was a good investment. So the thinking is that they could make a tidy little sum just off shooting a little baseball team.

Well that's wrong........the REAL reason that the Cubs may be sold off is because Sam Zell is a already a Part Owner of the Chicago Whitesox.....and Major League Baseball's rules say that an owner can not have stakes in more than one team.

So THAT'S the real reason that Cubs are going to be sold off, it's because Sam Zell likes the White Sox better!

Now why doesn't the media run that news that Sam Zell is a Cub's hater and the only reason he bought the Tribune was because he hates the Cubs and wanted to "sell them off."

Oh yeah, I do know some things about Sports....just not how they're played!

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