Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blogger sighting in the Wild!

Bloggers On the Street
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My friend Sam and I planned a "girls night out" on Saturday Night, it started with a bottle of fabulous red wine at his house and then proceeded to one of the local neighborhood gay bars.

As we were waiting to cross the street, we started up a conversation with a couple of characters. You know the type, the ones you can joke with right the banter goes on for a few minutes when Sam decides to introduce himself.

One of the guys (the one standing next to me) introduces himself to Sam as Dop....dop....dop...I've heard that somewhere before.

OH MY GOD! A Blogger Spotting in the wild!

It was Dop from My View from the Jeep I pointed my finger at him and said "I know who you are." At which point it was suddenly deer in headlights syndrome.

I left him off the hook rather quickly and introduced myself, considering we already "knew" each other I felt a hug was more appropriate than a handshake! Dop pointed out that his Boyfriend - Kevin of Sweet Tartuffery was crossing the street.

Two Bloggers at once? What are the odds.

They were on their way to a party and we were on our way to making our own party so we exchanged words for a few minutes, snapped some evidence photographs and sped on our ways.

I am glad to say that every Bloggerite or Flickrite I've met yet has been the best experience.

Now I get to add two more to my list, I'm so excited!

5 comments: said...

Wow, quite impressive your trophy hunting.

Michael said...

Trophy Hunting...I like that, it sounds so much better than Stalking!

Andi said...

so long as heads don't start appearing on your wall all 'deer-esque' I'll be fine!

kb said...

it was great to meet you too, michael. hope you guys had a fun time.
oh- and to be referenced as a trophy of-sorts... very flattering. i think.

Rob7534 said...

I'm next dammit!