Friday, May 25, 2007

I promise I will post

Oh my, where have I been?

After a mentally exhausting trip to Atlanta last week with The Boyfriend to catch up/check in with some friends I've been uninspired to write this week.

On top of that half of my team at work was at a conference in Florida this week (and I got to stay home and man the ship) it's been a busy week.

Fortunately a three-day week awaits us and I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of it.

The Boyfriend called earlier this week and said that he had a surprise for us. Robin Thicke will be entertaining us along with 1000 of our not so close friends. For some reason I have his album ripped on my work computer - but not on my iPod?!? I listened to it today for the first time, he sings like a girl.

So I owe you a few stories - in fact I've finished Parts II & III of my Adventure to Cleveland that happened almost a full moon ago - god I'm behind!

So I apologize for not posting, I will attempt to be better.


Ms Mac said...

I remember him singing When I Get You Alone, he had big hair and was on a bike. Isn't he the son of one of the Dads off one of those family sit-coms too?


Michael said...

Yeah he's the son of Alan Thicke from Growing Pains.

Andi said...

I totally think he sounds like a girl. In fact I thought the Robin was a Robyn with a Y.


Michael said...

Andi - You better hope The Boyfriend doesn't read this...LOL!!!

Xmichra said...

I had no idea that guy was still around. Pretty sure that he was attributed to being Canadian though.

Watch the mail :)