Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Dream Destroyed - Part V

A Dream Destroyed - Part V
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A short while later I was sitting in front of the computer after having swallowed a few xanax chased down with a Bacardi and Coke, or a Cuba Libre since everything is "Cuba this" and "Cuba that" now.

I grabbed my mouse and clicked on Internet Explorer, my hands shaking a little bit from the excitement. I could barely keep my fingers on the keys - oh did you know if you mis-spell eBay you get a porn site? Yeah it's pretty hot, I signed up for it.

But soon I was back on track and looking at eBay.

As I quickly as I was able to pull up eBay and typed in "beanie babies" my dreams were shattered. As the page started to fill in I saw miserably low numbers.

Damn you 10MPBS High Speed Broadband Connection.....faster damn it, FASTER! I felt like Elizabeth Taylor standing in front of the Microwave yelling at her popcorn to "Pop faster damn it, pop faster!"

The numbers were not good. I had been hoping to see prices like $19.99 or $15.99....but instead I saw scary numbers like $0.99 and $0.01. Were my eyes deceiving me once again today?

As quickly as I had built up my dreams they vanished like a puff of smoke. My yacht vanished - POOF. My dreams of afternoons being served champagne as we cruised Lake Michigan were thrown overboard before my very eyes - POOF

I was quickly put back on earth as the phone rang and brought me back to my senses. As I reached for the phone a tear fell from my eye and landed on the back of my hand it was all so sad and real.

Damn you to hell Beanie Babies, Damn you to hell!

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