Monday, June 25, 2007

I made it on Consumerist! (Again)

Folks, I can't tell you how much "tags" work in Flickr.

I was running through one of my favorite sites this afternoon when there was a post about a Computer Glitch at O'Hare Airport that caused a huge snarl.

As I was reading the article, I said "Wow that picture looks familiar" and lo and behold there at the bottom of the article was a reference to me.

I recently took this picture when we went to Atlanta to visit a friend of mine who is recovering from brain surgery.

So keep snapping pictures, posting and putting tags on them folks you'll never know where they'll end up.

Maybe if you're lucky like Ms. Mac your bed will show up somewhere?!? Hmmmmm

1 comment:

andy said...

Yay, I found one of my pics being used here

What fun :-)